Style Change Prediction! Which Fighter Will Win the Most in P.19? Guess Right for a Chance at Tons of Fight Money!

6 Fighters will get new Style Changes in Period 19! Check here for more info.

Which of these 6 Fighters do you think will win the most battles in Period 19? Make your prediction! Guess right for a chance at tons of Fight Money!

You can make your prediction via Twitter or through the Fight League App! Guessing right either way will give you a chance at loads of Fight Money!

Just select from the list of new Fighters, upload the Tweet, and you're good to go! 3 lucky winners from among those who predicted right will be chosen to receive 100 Fight Money!

▼ Twitter Prediction Duration (JST)

2/27 6PM - 3/15 11:59PM
*Twitter predictions made during the promo period will be entered into the raffle.
*Users following the Official Fight League Twitter Account will be entered into the raffle.
*Winners will be contacted by direct message on Twitter around mid-March.

You can also make your prediction from within the Fight League App. Remember, you only get one chance! Users who make correct predictions will receive 10 Fight Money multiplied by the winner's odds!

▼ In-Game Prediction Duration (JST)
3/2 7PM - 3/8 11:59PM
*Odds will be decided based on the number of Twitter predictions each Fighter receives.
*10 tweets per account will be counted towards odds calculations.
*Odds will be announced on this page on 3/2 around 5PM (JST).

[About Win Count Calculations]
*League and/or Free Battle wins obtained with Decks containing one of the new Style Change Fighters will be counted.
*Wins obtained using an applicable pre-Style Change Fighter will not be counted.
*Wins obtained through cheating will not be counted.
*Tag wins will be counted as one win if both Decks include the same new Style Change Fighter.


Ashida Jr. Predicts...Munchy Munchy Hellbeast
photo_36.jpg That new "Drain" Skill can't be topped! Healing based on damage you deal is awesome, right? And if you boost her Attack in a Tag with GGG or JP... That'd really be something, huh? This Skill really has me going! Winning isn't the only thing that's exciting, after all. Finding new ways to win is a lot of fun, too!

Zaki Predicts...Vulpine Turbine Tamamo
photo_40.jpg She's got solid stats, and her Skill will work wonders for 18th Avenue. Having 2 Members on the Field is a piece of cake for 18th Ave. Transforming an Allied Member next to the Leader into a Demon Fox is super powerful! She's also good at clearing Enemy Members, and her high HP of 700 will let her stick around and add to your Member count. This foxy lady is sure to both brighten your day and lead 18th Ave to victory!

Bison Ota Predicts...Fantasista Gattopardo
photo_43.jpg Based on stats alone, Seduvia, Tamamo, and Qwerty all seem like real contenders. This contest is decided on win count, though! It's important to remember that Athlete Creatures can decide a game in no time, and that there's a lot of AC in the World League right now. He's also easy to use in all sorts of situations, and he works great with Rugby Prop Alces. That's why I choose Gattopardo!

Araki Predicts...Lustrous Illusionist Seduvia
photo_46.jpg You can't go wrong with Seduvia. For a 700+ HP JP Fighter, she's got a great offensive Fight Burst. JP hasn't been so easy to be aggressive with up until now, making them seem like a Brand for advanced players only. Seduvia will have a big impact on all that! (And she's really sweet.) Hyper-aggressive AC Decks are on the rise, and I think Seduvia's going to be a top-class answer to those. (Did I mention she's totally cool, too?)





▼ Prediction Prize Delivery
Prizes for Twitter and in-game predictions will be sent out in late March! Congratulations to the lucky winners!

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