Updates to Road to Glory and Related Feats in Mid-March

Hey there, Leaguers. We have some changes to Road to Glory and related Feats as well as a new game mode planned for the Version 1.7 Update, coming in mid-March.

That means the current version of Road to Glory will become unplayable after the Version 1.7 Update.

▼ Update Time (JST)
Around mid-March as part of the Version 1.7 Update

The US Class Fighters currently available in Road to Glory (Lion Dancer Mikiri, Megga, PC Reformer, Master Tiger Chi, Swine Queen Metallia, and Cake Princess Chiffon) will also be available in the new game mode.

You'll be able to play the new mode even if you've already cleared the current Road to Glory.

The Feat "The Path of the Leaguer (Conquer the Road to Glory)" will be changed to be obtainable by clearing one stage in either Road to Glory or the new mode after the Version 1.7 Update.
*You can't clear the Feat again if you've already cleared it before the update.

*Note that if you start playing Road to Glory before the Version 1.7 Update but don't clear it before update maintenance begins, you won't be able continue from where you left off.

More details on the new-and-improved Road to Glory will be available on the official site at a later date.

Stay tuned, everybody!

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