(UPDATED 3/22)Version 1.7 Update Info!

Fight League is powering up to Version 1.7!

Get all the info below.

▼ Update Time (JST)
During update maintenance (3/16 12AM - around 5AM)

Road to Glory Revamped!
FL Channel is Here!
Train VS CPU Opponents!
Home Menu Revamped!
Notification Icons on the Home Screen!
Opponent Info Displayed After Battles!
Period-End Notifications!
Show Partners Your Status!
CoroNavi for Beginners!
Conditions Added to Menus
Vector Menu Removed
Data Backup Changes
Reward Adjustments
Issue Fixes
Enemy Fighter Skill Adjustment

Road to Glory Revamped!

Road to Glory has gotten a makeover! We're splitting it into two modes, the Intro to Fight League tutorial mode and the puzzle-like challenge of Road to Glory!

You can replay each mode as much as you like, so get in there and brush up on your skills!

You'll also get awesome rewards as you clear stages, including US Class Fighters! There's even 3 new US Class Fighters, too!

*For more details, check here.

FL Channel is Here!(UPDATED 3/22)

Get ready for FL Channel, where you can watch Battle Replays of the top World Leaguers, battles featuring the latest Fighters, and more!

Replays show each and every turn of a battle, so you won't miss a minute of the action!

You can also pause, fast forward, and skip turns as you like during the Replay.

*We'll still be collecting data, so Replays won't be available right after the Version 1.7 update. Look for them to be added around late March.
*Battles from the previous day (12AM - 11:59PM (JST)) are included in the Replay list.
*Replays are updated daily at 12PM (JST).
*Nices sent during gameplay will not be displayed during replays. The time each player spent thinking will also be cut.
*Replays will display player names from the time of the Battle. Player Icons will not be displayed.

(UPDATED 3/22)
*You'll be able to watch Replays on FL Channel starting from 3/22 around 4PM (JST).

We've found an issue where Deck Sense is displayed as 0 for Decks on FL Channel. We are planning to fix this issue in an upcoming version update. This issue does not effect critical hits during Replays.

We're sorry for any confusion this issue may have caused.

Train VS CPU Opponents!

Training Mode arrives in Version 1.7! In Training Mode, you can play against a CPU opponent that uses your Partners' Decks, or even Decks from Leaguers all over the world!

You can get Win, Battle, Drop, and Sense Prizes in Training Mode! Only Fighters will drop from
Win and Battle Prizes, too! Collect Battle Reward Fighters in Training Mode and get your Deck ready to take on the world!

▼ Training Types
[Train VS A Partner]
You can train against a Deck one of your Partners is using in this mode.
*You can also Train against a Partner's deck by tapping "Train" on the Partner List.

[Train VS The World]
You can train against Decks that have won a League Battle in this mode. You can choose from Bronze, Silver, Gold, and World League opponents.
*The Decks you train against will be selected from Decks that won a League Battle the day before.

Home Menu Revamped!

The Home Menu is even easier to understand! We're splitting the Battle Menu into two sections: VS CPU and VS Player. Now you can choose whichever option suits your play style, right off the bat!


▼ Menu List

VS CPU MenuVS Player Menu
Intro to Fight League League
Road to Glory VS The World
Event Battles VS Your Neighbor
Training VS Your Partner
Fight 7 Battles N/A

Notification Icons on the Home Screen!

The following icons will now be displayed on the Home Screen!


IconIcon Info
N8pzcR5V20180313_2.png Hyper CoroTime Underway
N8pzcR5V20180313_2d.png Spirit Time Underway
N8pzcR5V20180313_2a.png New Event Battle Available
N8pzcR5V20180313_2b.png CoroPoint Capers Available
N8pzcR5V20180313_2c.png PVP Fight Money Promo Underway
[VS Player]

Opponent Info Displayed After Battles!

After the update, you'll be able to see detailed info about your opponent when PVP Battles end, whether you win or lose!

*The League Rank info displayed will be the same as the info that is displayed before Battles begin.
*Deck details won't be displayed.

Period-End Notifications!

In Version 1.7, you can get push notifications when Periods come to an end!
Now you won't waste any time in grabbing your Highest Rank Prizes, beefing up your decks, and taking on the League in the next Period!

*Push notifications are turned off by default.
*To enable Period-End Notifications, tap the League Rank Icon on the Home Screen. From there, check "Notify at Period End" to enable push notifications.

Show Partners Your Status!

Set your Status from the Home Menu or the Partner List! Choose from "Fight me!" and "Let's Tag!" and tell your Partners what you're in the mood for!
Now communicating with your Partners in-game will be a breeze!

*You can change this setting from the Home Menu or your Profile (Player Info) on the Partner List.
*The default setting is "Default (Auto)".
*The "Default (Auto)" setting will display one of the following, depending on your status: ONLINE, OFFLINE, BATTLE, or TAG.
*Your Status won't be displayed when you're in a Tag or when you're offline.
*No one but you and your Partners can see your Status.

But that's not all! You can also respond to Battle or Tag requests you receive while you're in a Battle or currently tagged!

*If too much time passes before you choose a response, a default message of "Sorry, I can't right now!" will be sent automatically.

CoroNavi for Beginners!

A new mission system called CoroNavi is on the way, where beginners can learn the ins and outs of Fight League and get cool prizes! Clear all the missions and you'll get 70 Fight Money, 1,000 CoroPoints, and 1 Fight Spirit!

*CoroNavi will be unavailable to players who download Fight League and clear the tutorial before the Version 1.7 Update (3/15 11:59PM (JST)).
*Players who clear the tutorial before the Version 1.7 Update (3/15 11:59PM (JST)) will receive CoroNavi Rewards in their Present Box.

Conditions Added to Menus

The Fighters Menu options "Enhance Sense" and "Style Change" will be now be locked until certain conditions are fulfilled.

▼ Unlock Conditions
Enhance Sense: Obtain a Sensebean
Style Change: Obtain 5 Fight Spirit

*The menus will be locked if you don't have the required items, even if you held those items before the Version 1.7 update.
*The Enhance Sense Menu will unlock regardless of what kind of Sensebean you obtain.

Vector Menu Removed

The Vector Menu, accessed by swiping from the side of the screen, will be removed in the Version 1.7 Update.

Data Backup Changes

Up until now, it was necessary to make a data backup every single time you transferred your game data using your XFLAG ID. Starting with the Version 1.7 update, though, one backup is all you'll ever need for as many transfers as you want!

*Note that when you transfer your data, it will not be rolled back to how it was when you made your backup. Any Fight Money, items, etc. you used between backing up and transferring your data will not be returned to you.
*You won't be able to re-use backup data used for a data transfer before the Version 1.7 update. You'll have to back up your data again.

Reward Adjustments

We've made the following adjustments to Rewards and Prizes in Version 1.7.

・Changed Drop Prizes in Free Battles to only drop Fighters
・Adjusted Featured Fighter drop rates in Normal and Hard Event Battle difficulties
・Adjusted Sense values for Featured Fighters dropped in Normal, Hard, and Very Hard Event Battle difficulties
・Adjusted Fight Spirit drop rates in League Battles and CoroPoint Capers
・Added new Daily Requests and Partner Requests
・Adjusted Partner Request appearance rates
・Adjusted drop rates for CoroPoints available from Daily Requests and Fight Money available from Daily Completion Rewards

Issue Fixes

The following issues will be resolved in the Version 1.7 Update.

[Matryoshka Playtime Fighter Issue Fixes]
There were issues with some of the Fighters in the Here Come New Fighters: Matryoshka Playtime Summon that launched on 2/15 12PM (JST). These issues will be fixed in the Version 1.7 Update.
*For more info, check here.

[Fighter Skill Animation Adjustments]
We're adjusting the Skill animations of some Fighters in the Version 1.7 update.

(UPDATED 3/15) Enemy Fighter Skill Adjustment

▼ Affected Fighter
Event Battle VS Glace, Subzero Ranger on Very Hard
・SOS! Musher Lappi

SOS! Musher Lappi's Skill makes her immune to KO effects. Before the change, this type of Skill made Fighters also unable to be targeted by these effects. After this adjustment, Fighters with this type of Skill will be targetable by KO effects, but will still be unaffected by them.

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