An Update from the Development Team About Upcoming Fighter Adjustments

Thanks again for playing Fight League.

This is a message from the development team about a change to our policy on adjusting the abilities of Fighters, including downward adjustments to ones from Summons.

Right now, Athlete Creatures Solo Decks and Athlete Creatures + TOYS of the DEAD Tags have extremely high win rates, forcing Decks from other Brands out of the competition.

We've thought about it for a long time, and we've decided to improve the situation by making adjustments to some Fighters, including downward adjustments to ones available in Summons.

We will continue to work hard to provide an environment where each Brand and many different Fighters can have a chance to shine, and where battles can be more exciting and enjoyable.

We are very sorry for making these adjustments, including some downward ones, on such short notice. To help make up for any confusion this may have caused, we will be giving 100 Fight Money and 500 Premium CoroPoints to all users on 3/20 around 4AM (JST).

Also, all Daily Fighters will be available for trade in the Premium CoroPoint Shop from 3/20 12AM - 3/22 11:59PM (JST).

Please use this opportunity to help strengthen your Decks after the adjustments.

The Fighter balance adjustments, mainly to Athlete Creatures and TOYS of the DEAD Fighters, will be made at the below time.

▼ Adjustment Time (JST)
After maintenance on 4/1 12PM - around 1PM

We will post an announcement with the details of the adjustments on 3/29 (JST).

We are also making adjustments to matchmaking in League Battles starting with Period 21. In World League battles, Solo players will be more likely to be matched against other solo players, and players in a Tag will be more likely to be matched against other tagged players.

We'll continue to improve Fight League to create an even better experience for everyone.

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