Springtime Is Here! Get Ready for the Fight League Exam, Plus Promo Requests, Event Battles, and Boompiper Melodus' Costume Change!

Springtime has come to the arena, and we've got some great promos to celebrate!

Check out all the details below!

Fight League Exam Underway! Think You Can Answer Correctly?

The Fight League Exam Promo starts on 4/2 (JST)! Check our Official Facebook page and comment with your answers!

Clear Requests for Hints & Answers!

We've got hints ready for every question in the Fight League Exam. Clear Promo Requests to get them sent to your Gift Box! You can even clear Answer Requests to get the correct answers before they're revealed on Facebook!

▼ Hint & Answer Request Durations (JST)
You'll get 1 Fight Money for each Request you clear. You'll also get 50 CoroPoints when you open your hint or answer in your Gift Box!

Hint Request Durations
・Question 1: 4/5 12AM - 4/6 11:59PM
・Question 2: 4/12 12AM - 4/13 11:59PM
・Question 3: 4/19 12AM - 4/20 11:59PM
・Question 4: 4/26 12AM - 4/27 11:59PM

Answer Request Durations
・Answer 1: 4/7 12AM - 4/8 11:59PM
・Answer 2: 4/14 12AM - 4/15 11:59PM
・Answer 3: 4/21 12AM - 4/22 11:59PM
・Answer 4: 4/28 12AM - 4/29 11:59PM

Check the Official Facebook page once the first question arrives and give us your best answer!

Invite Your Friends Promo Powers Up! Boompiper Melodus Gets a Costume Change!

Spring Cleaning, Spring Fighting! The Invite Your Friends Campaign is getting an infusion of Springtime energy! Now you can have up to 6 First Partners, with First Partner Bonuses for each one you invite!

But that's not all! The friend invite-exclusive Fighter Boompiper Melodus is getting a Costume Change! Trade for it as soon as you can, because it's only available in the CoroPoint Shop during April!

Invite your friends, get Boompiper Melodus, and grab his costume change!

◎For more info on the improved Invite Your Friends Promo, check here.


■ Fight in a Limited-Time Event Battle!

A new Event Battle featuring Kaoru Shirayuri (S Class / 18th Avenue) is coming to Fight League on 4/1 after maintenance (JST)!

It's only here for a limited time, so act fast!

▼ Event Duration (JST)

4/1 after maintenance (12PM - around 1PM) - 4/15 11:59AM
All day, every day!

*For more info, check here.

A Spring-Fresh CoroPoint Capers!

The all-new Event Battle CoroPoints in Full Bloom will be available starting 4/1 after maintenance (JST)!
It's full of CoroPoints and Fight Spirit!

Plus, CoroPoints in Full Bloom has even more CoroPoints than CoroPoint Capers! If you're lucky, you might even get 1,000 CoroPoints at a time!

▼Event Duration (JST)
4/1 after maintenance (12PM - around 1PM) - 4/14
12:30PM - 1PM, 7:30PM - 8PM

*CoroPoints in Full Bloom appears every day at the times above.
*You'll receive Fight Spirit or CoroPoints from CoroPoints in Full Bloom. Fighters are not available as rewards for this battle.
*CoroPoint Capers will not appear when CoroPoints in Full Bloom is available.

Promo Requests and Daily Login Bonuses!

Promo Requests Are Here!

Clear all these Promo Requests and get a total of 70 Fight Money!

▼ Requests, Rewards, and Durations (JST)

Tag and Defeat 50 Enemy Members in PVP 10 Fight Money 4/1 after maintenance - 4/7 11:59PM
Tag and Defeat 50 Enemy Members in PVP 10 Fight Money 4/8 12AM - 4/14 11:59PM
Tag and Defeat 50 Enemy Members in PVP 10 Fight Money 4/15 12AM - 4/21 11:59PM
Tag and Defeat 50 Enemy Members in PVP 10 Fight Money 4/22 12AM - 4/28 11:59PM

▼ Request & Reward
The following Request will also appear every day during the promo!

Tag and Win 1 League Battle 1 Fight Money

▼ Duration (JST)
4/1 after maintenance (12PM - around 1PM) - 4/30 11:59PM

*Rewards can be claimed until 3:59AM (JST) two days after the Request expires.

Free CoroPoints Every Day!

Login during the times below and get 50 CoroPoints! Login 28 days in a row and you'll get 1,400 CoroPoints in total!

▼ Gift Info

50 CoroPoints

Duration (JST)
4/3 - 4/30 (28 Days)
*50 CoroPoints given out each day after 4AM. You can find your CoroPoints in your Gift Box.
*Login by 5/1 3:59AM to get yours!

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