Fighter Balance Adjustments

Hey there, Leaguers.

We'll be rebalancing some Fighters at the date and time below.

Adjustment Time (JST)
During maintenance on 5/1 12AM - around 5AM

We at the Fight League development team are working hard to make battles more enjoyable for everyone. In order to do this, we plan to make both upward and downward adjustments to Fighters, including ones from Summons, based on our research of gameplay data.

Once again, we would like to state our policy on adjusting the abilities of Fighters.

[Our Current Policy on Fighter Adjustments]
We at the development team want to provide an environment where battles can be more exciting and enjoyable by adding new Fighters to the game as well as making adjustments to current Fighters. This means that all Fighters appearing in Fight League, including ones from Summons, may be subject to adjustments such as downward balance changes.

We'll continue to improve Fight League to create an even better experience for everyone.

*Adjusted Fighters will have some of their pre-adjustment stats displayed on FL Channel Replays from 5/1 after maintenance - 5/3 11:59AM (JST). After 5/3 12PM (JST), their adjusted stats will be shown.

*Fighters listed below will appear with their pre-adjustment stats in Intro to Fight League and Road to Glory even after maintenance.

Fighters to Be Balanced
・Ribonne Komano
・Bunraquist Ruri
Inari Jubei, Fox Hermit
・Window Warrior Wiperman

■ Fighter Balance Details

Ribonne Komano (S Class / 18th Avenue)

◎Skill Adjusted

Enter: Changes Arts of Allied Leader to Long Range until Turn ends.

Enter: Changes Arts of Allied Leader to Long Range until Action ends.

◎Fight Burst Adjusted

Changes Arts of Allied Leader to Long Range.


Changes Arts of Allied Leader to Long Range until Turn ends.

Ribonne Komano's Skill and Fight burst were both unique, creating an entirely new strategy for 18th Avenue. Her Skill and Fight burst were frighteningly powerful when paired with certain Fighters, to the point that other Fighters and strategies were overshadowed entirely. Her Skill and Fight Burst are slightly adjusted, but still grant the same effect, opening the way for more strategic ways to battle.

Bunraquist Ruri (S Class / 18th Avenue)

◎Skill Adjusted
Select: Heals 1 Allied Fighter for 300 HP.

Select: Heals 1 Allied Fighter for 200 HP.

With her high Attack power, great Fight Arts, and Select Skill that could help defend Allied Fighters while she attacked, Bunraquist Ruri was incredibly powerful in all sorts of battles. We're reducing her healing by 100, but her Attack and Fight Arts are unchanged, meaning she's still an awesome Fighter for 18th Avenue Decks.

Inari Jubei, Fox Hermit (S Class / 18th Avenue)

◎Attack Raised
Before: 100 Attack

200 Attack

◎Fight Arts Adjusted
Before: ↙ Bottom Left, ← Left, ↑ Up, ↗ Upper Right

Now: ↙ Bottom Left, ← Left, ↖ Upper Left, ↑ Up, ↗ Upper Right




Inari Jubei, Fox Hermit had an interesting Skill that transformed him into a Demon Fox with high Attack power, but he wasn't very versatile. With his raised Attack and adjusted Fight Arts, now he'll be a great asset to any 18th Avenue Deck whether his Skill activates or not.

Window Warrior Wiperman (S Class / Justice Professionals)

◎HP Boosted
Before: 500 HP

800 HP

◎Fight Arts Adjusted
Before: ↓ Down, ← Left, ↑ Up, → Right

Now: ↓ Down, ↙ Bottom Left, ← Left, ↑ Up, ↗ Upper Right, → Right




While he had a unique Skill that Cleaned the Allied Leader, Window Warrior Wiperman's poor HP and Fight Arts weren't quite in line with other Justice Professionals Fighters, making his appearance in the arena a rare sight. We've boosted his HP and adjusted his Arts, so now he can work better with other Justice Professionals on the front lines of battle, forming Art Chains and Cleaning pesky Burns and Poison from the Allied Leader.

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