Version 1.8 Update Info!


Fight League is powering up to Version 1.8!

Get all the info below.

▼ Update Time (JST)
During update maintenance (5/1 12AM - around 5AM)

New Menu Just for Brand Cups!
Get Rewards from FL Channel!
Check Critical Hit Rates!
Premium CoroPoint Shop Revamped
Changes to Mine Skills
Issue Fixes
Road to Glory Fighter Changes
Partner Request Adjustments
UI Adjustments

New Menu Just for Brand Cups! Take Part and Get Rewards!

Brand Cups are back by popular demand, and they're better than ever in Version 1.8!

Brand Cups will now be held regularly and with unique rules. Maybe you'll have to play Solo, or maybe include a certain Fighter on your team! Get prizes and Badges from battles, too! Get ready for the 1st Season of Brand Cups, starting 5/1 (JST)!

The VS Player menu is also getting a new section just for Brand Cups! Say goodbye to using Fight Codes to join Brand Cups. Just head to the Brand Cup menu! From there, you can also check out times for upcoming Brand Cups!


Just tap the "?" button to get info on a Brand Cup's times and rules. It'll even let you choose to receive Push Notifications when the Cup begins!


While you're playing in a Brand Cup, you can check your current ranking after each battle!


Get Badges based on how well you did on each battle! You can admire your Badges and Personal Bests for each Brand Cup from the Player Info screen.
*Cups held before Version 1.8 won't be displayed in your History, as no Badges were available for those events.


*Brand Cups each have their own unique rules, and can't be joined if you don't meet the requirements.
*With Version 1.8, Brand Cups can no longer be joined via Fight Code. The Brand Cup menu will be the only way to join.
*For more info on each Brand Cup's rules and details, check their respective announcements.

[VS Player Menu Adjustments]

The VS Player Menu will have a Free Play button that you can tap to choose from three options: VS The World, Display QR Code, and Scan QR Code.

You won't be able to battle a Partner from the VS Player Menu after this change. You can do so by going to the Partner screen instead.


Get Rewards When You're Featured on FL Channel!

Get featured and get rewards! Your rewards depend on where your battle is featured on FL Channel.
*For more info on FL Channel, check here.


Featured World League 2 Fight Money
Featured Fighter 1 Fight Money
Tag VS Tag
FL Channel 100 CoroPoints

You'll know when one of your battles are featured when the "!" mark on the FL Channel icon on the Home screen turns green and starts to move!


*The "!" mark will disappear once you tap the FL Channel icon.
*Only those who fought in the featured battle will get rewards.
*Rewards will be sent out between 1AM - 4AM (JST) on the day the Replay is featured.
*If a single player gets featured in multiple categories at the same time, the reward from the highest category will be sent out. (World League ⇒ Featured Fighter ⇒ Tag VS Tag ⇒ FL Channel)
*Even when you lose a battle, there's still a chance it'll be featured on FL Channel. If it is, you'll get a reward for it.

Check Critical Hit Rates!

Go to each Fighters' details page to check their critical hit rates! Rates for when they are set as a Member and a Leader are both shown!

We'll be implementing several adjustments to help critical hit rates be more visible and easier to compare.


*Critical hit rates won't be displayed for Fighters you don't have.

Critical Hit System Changes

[No More Super Critical Hits]

Up until now, every so often a Fighter would score a super critical hit that dealt 200 extra damage. This has ended up having too strong of an effect on battles, so we'll be saying goodbye to the feature in Version 1.8.

Limit on Number of Critical Hits at One Time]

Before, when attacking several Fighters at once, there was a chance of dealing critical hits on multiple Fighters. From Version 1.8 onwards, when attacking multiple Fighters at once, you'll only have a chance of dealing a critical hit to one Fighter. Now you can predict critical hits more easily when placing your Fighters!

Adjustment to Critical Hit Rates]

Critical hit rates from Sense Levels have been adjusted so that they feel just as strong as they used to be before the update.

Get All Tradeable Fighters from the Premium CoroPoint Shop!

Tired of waiting for that one Fighter to appear in the Premium CoroPoint Shop as a Daily Fighter? With Version 1.8, all tradeable Fighters will be available all the time!

*Fighters will still cost the same amount of Premium CoroPoints.
*Each Fighter can only be traded for once in the Premium CoroPoint Shop.
*Limited-time Special Price Fighters are treated separate from normally tradeable Fighters.
*Limited-time Special Price Fighters can also only be traded for once.

Changes to Mine and Object Placing Skills + Animation Change for Some Skills

Skills and Fight Bursts that allow you to choose where to place a Mine will now allow you to place that Mine on top of another one. This Mine will replace the old one.

If a Skill places a Mine randomly, it will only place one on an empty Space.
*Placing a Mine on top of another does not double the effect. The effect will be worth a single Mine.

Certain Fighters' Skill animations will also be adjusted in Version 1.8.
*Skill effects will remain the same.

Issue Fixes

The following issues will be resolved in the Version 1.8 Update.

[Issues Upon Clearing Certain Requests]

Requests that shouldn't be displayed would temporarily appear after certain requests are cleared. This issues will be fixed in the Version 1.8 update.
*For more info, check here.

[Issues When Selecting Decks in Tag Battles]

In some cases when entering a Tag battle with a weak connection, the battle may start with the wrong Partner going first. These issues will be fixed in the Version 1.8 update.

Changes to Fighter Colors in Intro to Fight League & Road to Glory

Fighters whose abilities have been adjusted will have a different color when they appear in Intro to Fight League or Road to Glory. This is to show they're still using their pre-adjustment abilities within those stages.

*Stages and Fighter abilities will remain the same.


*For more info on Intro to Fight League and Road to Glory, check here.

More Partner Requests and Changes to Daily Requests

Partner Requests

The following Partner Requests will be added:
・Fight against ○○ in PVP
・Fight against one of your Partners in PVP

Daily Requests
・Requests to defeat Enemy Members with specific Brands will be removed.
(Defeat ○ Enemy Members in PVP with ○○)

*Partner Requests won't appear unless you have Partners added to your List.
*The changes above will take effect from 5/1 after maintenance (JST).

UI Adjustments

The Feats button will be moved to the Home screen, and other aspects of the game UI will also be revamped.


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