Final Rankings for Season 4 Brand Cups!

The Season 4 Brand Cups will be held from 6/8 - 6/17 (JST)! Final rankings for each Cup will be updated on this page 1 hour after the end of each Cup.

*Find out more about the Season 4 Brand Cups here.

▼ Rankings
4th Athlete Creatures Brand Cup: Wesley & The Perfect Pair
Final Rankings

4th 18th Avenue Brand Cup: Kitaro & Ayame's Minefield Madness
Final Rankings

4th GGG Brand Cup: Heath's Foes Into Friends
Final Rankings

4th TOYS of the DEAD Brand Cup: Curse Cream's Blighted Sweets
Final Rankings

4th Justice Professionals Brand Cup: Rock'em Sock'em Rumble
Final Rankings

*Rankings for each Brand Cup will be updated approximately every 1 hour after the Cup ends. Exact times may vary.
*Player names that were used during each Cup are displayed.
*Player names will be displayed unless they are:
・Pictures of people, characters, etc., that infringe on claimed/copyrighted materials
・Potentially offensive to the public
・Determined to be otherwise inappropriate

◇◆ Final Rankings (1st - 300th Place) ◆◇

◇◆ Final Rankings (1st - 300th Place) ◆◇

◇◆ Final Rankings (1st - 300th Place) ◆◇

◇◆ Final Rankings (1st - 300th Place) ◆◇

◇◆ Final Rankings (1st - 300th Place) ◆◇

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