(UPDATED 7/19) [1st Anniversary] FasTag Raffle! Pull Each Time You Tag or Partner!


Round 2 Winners
Grand Prize D: iRobot Braava Jet Winning Numbers

31264 × 56610
14969 × 34475
29175 × 06331
28753 × 21447
05506 × 41940

Grand Prize E: JTB Voucher Winning Numbers

06312 × 16108
49231 × 42462

Grand Prize F: Year's Supply of Fight Money Winning Number
99286 × 04131

Round 1 Winners
Grand Prize A: Minidrone Winning Numbers
23728 × 50671
03597 × 46747
33489 × 61153
29304 × 34545
08557 × 85218

Grand Prize B: Matsusaka Beef Winning Numbers
00808 × 86243
29905 × 58630
77239 × 14820
75141 × 64390
79004 × 90053

Grand Prize C: Year's Supply of Fight Money Winning Number
33586 × 93943

Just Tag up with a Partner and you're in the raffle! Every time you tag up with a new Partner, you'll get a prize from one of four categories! No one's left out! Find out more below!

And if that wasn't enough, you've got a chance to win even more with Grand Prizes! You could get a year's supply of Fight Money or even a drone!

When you win a prize, that same prize will also be sent to the Partner from your winning Tag!

The FasTag Raffle is split into two parts, Round 1 and Round 2. Be sure to take part in both!

Get tagging! Get battling! Get awesome prizes!

▼ Win One of These Prizes in Round 1! ▼

1st Prize
130 Fight Money

(50 Groups / 100 Winners Total)

2nd Prize
5, 30, or 100 Fight Money
(Amount chosen at random)

3rd Prize
(1 Summon-only US, 3 Summon-only S, or 5 Summon-only A Sensebeans)

4th Prize
Original Wallpaper
(5 Themes + 1 Mystery Wallpaper)

Win Even More Prizes!
Grand Prizes


FasTag Raffle Details

Every time you Tag up, you'll automatically pull a raffle ticket and receive a prize in your Gift Box. Prizes are split into four categories, and you're guaranteed to get into one of them.


◆◇ How to Tag ◇◆


◆ Invite Friends Via Social Media
You can send your friends Tag requests through LINE or Facebook. A message will be sent to them with a link they can tap to start up Fight League and Tag with you.


◆ Tag Via QR Code
You can also Tag up by creating a QR code for your friend to scan. The code must be scanned with the Fight League app.


◆ Pick a Partner From Your List
To team up with someone you've already tagged with before, just go to your Partner List and send them a request. You'll be tagged once they accept.


◆◇ Recruit a Partner ◇◆

To recruit a Partner another way, tap the "Invite Friends Another Way!" button to get a URL you can use in a message. When someone taps the URL, they'll be logged into Fight League and you'll be sent a Partner request. Just accept the request and you'll be partnered up!



▼ Raffle Durations (JST)
Round 1
6/14 12PM - 6/28 until maintenance

Round 2
6/28 after maintenance - 7/16 11:59PM

(UPDATED 6/26)
We've confirmed and fixed an issue that occurred between 6/25 12AM - 6/26 4PM (JST) which allowed players to pull from the raffle a second time with Partners they've already tagged and pulled with. The issue has now been resolved. Raffle numbers obtained this way will not be able to win a Grand Prize.

▼Terms of Use
FasTag Promo Terms of Use

*In the FasTag Raffle, you can pull from the raffle for as many times as you can make Partners.
*To pull from the raffle with someone who's already your Partner, you'll need to Tag up with them again.
*When you win a prize from the FasTag Raffle, your Partner for that Tag will receive the same prize.
*You can only receive one raffle prize for each tagged Partner per round. If you've already gotten a prize with someone in Round 1, just wait till Round 2 to Tag up with them and get another prize.
*The 1st Prize may differ depending on your language setting in Fight League.
*If you Tag with a Partner who has a different language setting from yours and win 1st Prize, both of you will receive 130 Fight Money.

◆ How to Win Grand Prizes ◆

When you Tag with someone, a raffle number made up of the last 5 digits of you and your partner's user IDs will be sent to your Gift Box. Check the official site's news page and look for your number to see if you've won! Note that Grand Prizes differ between Rounds 1 and 2.


You'll get a prize if your number matches the ones that are announced!

▼ Grand Prizes
Round 1 Prizes
・PARROT Minidrone MAMBO FLY Drone (5 Groups / 10 Winners Total)
・Matsusaka beef (5 Groups / 10 Winners Total)
・1 year's supply of Fight Money, split between the winners (1 Group / 2 Winners Total)

Round 2 Prizes
・iRobot Braava Jet 240 (5 Groups / 10 Winners Total)
・JTB ¥100,000 Yen Travel Vouchers (2 Groups / 4 Winners Total)
・1 year's supply of Fight Money, split between the winners (1 Group / 2 Winners Total)

▼Grand Prize Winning Numbers Announcement Times (JST)

Round 1 Grand Prize Numbers
7/3 around 12PM on the official site

Round 2 Grand Prize Numbers
7/17 around 12PM on the official site

*To see the winning numbers, check back to this announcement on the dates above!

*The winning numbers for Rounds 1 and 2 will be announced separately for each round.
*You still have a chance to win a Grand Prize even when you win a prize from prize categories 1 to 4.

*Only those who receive raffle numbers will be eligible for Grand Prizes.
*Deleting a Partner will make your raffle number with that player invalid.

*Grand Prize winners will be notified in-game within 1 week of the winning numbers being announced. Please fill out the mailing information form that will be sent to you so we know where to send your prize. Prizes are scheduled to be sent out around mid-August.
*You can't choose or change which prize you receive.

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