Changes to Rewards Coming in the Version 2.0 Update in Late June

Thanks again for playing Fight League. This is a special message from the Fight League development team.

The Version 2.0 update is coming to Fight League in late June, bringing with it a revamped menu and new items.

Since we're adding these new items, we're going to be making some changes to rewards in Version 2.0. This means you will become unable to claim some rewards if they're still unclaimed after the update.

Please read below to find out more.

New Version 2.0 items will be added as rewards to each of the changed menus below.

▼ Reward Changes

◇ CoroNavi
Some CoroNavi Missions and rewards will be changed. Please note that current CoroNavi rewards will become unavailable after the update.

◇ Feats
All Feat rewards will be changed. Please note that if you have any unclaimed Feat rewards, you will become unable to claim them after the update occurs.

◇ Start Dasher Specials
The Start Dasher Specials, where you could trade Fight Money for a US Class Fighter just once, will be removed in the update.

New Fighter Packs containing the old Start Dasher Special US Class Fighters will be added to the Shop in the update. You'll be able to trade for these even if you traded for a Start Dasher Special Fighter before the update.

◇ Highest Rank Prizes
Rank Up Rewards and League-End Highest Rank Prizes will be changed. Fighters will no longer be included in Highest Rank Prizes as of Period 27.

▼ Change Date
During update maintenance for Version 2.0 in late June

We'll have more details on the new rewards on the official site at a later date.

Get ready for Version 2.0, Leaguers!

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