(UPDATED 6/29) [1st Anniversary] Total Revamp! Version 2.0 Update Info!

L4wfYDcT20180622_1b_en.pngFight League's been around for a whole year now! Thanks for all your support!

Get ready for an all-new experience with the total revamp Version 2.0 Update!

Can you match up to your Rivals?

Check out all the details below!

▼ Update Time (JST)
During Update Maintenance (6/28 12AM - around 7AM)

A Total Revamp
Fighter Rentals
Summon Tickets
US Class Fighter Missions
Brand Levels
Area Rankings
Starter Packs
Fight Money Purchase Bonuses
Matchmaking Adjustments
Fighter Stories
Feats Added
CoroNavi Reward Adjustments
New Player Fight Money Gift Adjusted
Shop Name Changes
Fight 7 Removed
League Rank Point Adjustments (UPDATED 6/29)
Add Partner Slots! (UPDATED 6/29)

>> It's a Total Revamp! <<

Fight League's powering up like never before! Now you can watch your Partners' battles in real time!


◆◇ Call Your Partners ◇◆

Now you can invite online Partners to play with "Request Tag Partner" or "Request Opponent!"

Partners will see this on their Home screen and can Tag up or battle with you straight from there!

Gb8cNB3A20180626b_en.pngYou'll also get a special message from Archmage Harmonia when Partners who haven't gotten their Daily Tag Reward yet log in! Invite them to Tag and get your rewards!


But that's not all! Nearby Leaguers who are close to your Rank will show up as Rivals! Challenge them to get Rival Battle Prizes!

◆◇ Spectating Battles ◇◆

Now you can have a blast together by watching your Partners' and Rivals' battles in real time! You can also see how many people are watching the battle. Maybe an all-star World Leaguer is watching your friends!


◆◇ Cheer on the Players! ◇◆

Tap the Cheer button to send a shower of CoroPoints into the arena! To the winner go the spoils!

If you tap the Nice! button on a Home screen announcement, you'll send some of your CoroPoints to that player to give them a helping hand!

Each Cheer and Nice! sends 10 CoroPoints. You can send up to 5,000 per day! Tapping the update message on your Home screen will take you to the Supporter List, where you can see who's sent that player CoroPoints.

Remember that CoroPoints you send through Cheers while spectating are sent to whoever wins the battle!

*CoroPoints sent with Nice! are received instantly.
*CoroPoints sent with Cheers are received by the winner at the end of the battle.

Rent Fighters You Don't Own!

Rental Tokens are here!


By using 1 Rental Token, you can rent a Fighter you don't own for 2 hours!

Gb8cNB3A20180626g_en.pngGb8cNB3A20180626h_en.pngWhen you're building a Deck, just select a Fighter you don't own and you can use a Rental Token to rent them.

You can get Rental Tokens in Brand Cups, by purchasing Fight Money, and more!

▼ Unrentable Fighters
・Fight Fest-Exclusive Fighters
・Style Changed or Costume Changed Fighters

*1 Rental per Token.
*Rented Fighters come with 1 Sense (Sense Level 0).
*Rental time will continue to count down when the app is closed.
*If you're in a battle when your rental time expires, you can continue using your rented Fighter(s) until the battle is over.
*You can't battle with a Deck that includes expired rental Fighter(s). You'll have to either edit the Deck to remove the Fighter(s) or use more Rental Token(s) to rent them again.
*New Fighters can be rented as soon as they become available.

Use Summon Tickets to Pull from Special Summons!

Summon Tickets are coming your way!

Gb8cNB3A20180626.pngGather 10 Summon Tickets and you can pull once from special Ticket Summons!

*All rewards from Feats will be changed to Fight Summon Tickets after the Version 2.0 update.

You can get Summon Tickets from battle Prizes, Request Rewards, and more!

*With the arrival of Summon Tickets, we'll be increasing the drop rates for US and S Class Fighters in Fight Money Summons. To view the drop rates in-game for a Summon, go to the Summon you want to check and tap the More Info button.

Ticket-Only Summons!

▼ Summon Types

Fight Summon

This Summon includes Fighters, all kinds of Sensebeans, and more! You might even get a US Class Fighter!

◆ Drops (You'll get any 1 of the following) ◆
・Summon-Exclusive US Class Fighter
・Summon-Exclusive S Class Fighter
・Summon-Exclusive A Class Fighter
・League-Only US Sensebean
・League-Only S Sensebean
・League-Only A Sensebean
・League-Only B Sensebean
・Summon-Only US Sensebean
・Summon-Only S Sensebean
・Summon-Only A Sensebean
・Premium CoroPoints

*You get a Single pull from this Summon for every 10 Fight Summon Tickets.

US Class Summon

This Summon includes US Class Fighters available from Summons.
*You get a Single pull from this Summon for every 10 US Class Summon Tickets.

S Class Summon

This Summon includes S Class or Higher Fighters available from Summons.
*You get a Single pull from this Summon for every 10 S Class Summon Tickets.

▼ Fighter That Won't Appear
The following Fighters won't appear in the Fight, US Class, and S Class Summons:
・Fight Fest-Exclusive Fighters
・Fighter Pack-Exclusive Fighters

*You can check how many of each Summon Ticket you have on the Summons screen.
*Fighters in these Summons come with 1-5 Sense.
*To view the drop rates in-game for the each Ticket Summon, go to the Summon you want to check and tap the More Info button.
*Please note that the abilities of all Fighters appearing in Fight League may be subject to change based on gameplay data.

US Class Fighter Missions Are Here!

Get US Class Fighters and unlock their Missions!

Gb8cNB3A20180626j_en.pngCollect points to clear US Fighter Missions for rewards like Sensebeans, Fight Summon Tickets, Sense boosts, and more!

There are also Special Missions! Get US Class Prizes from Brand Cups to get rewards like Sense boosts, S Class Summon Tickets, and more!


▼ How to Get Points
*Points you gain for US Class Fighters are allocated to each of their Missions.

Win: 5
Loss: 1
Draw: 3

VS Player
Win: 20
Loss: 2
Draw: 10

*You must include a US Class Fighter in your Deck to gain points for their Missions.
*You won't get points from battles you lose intentionally.
*You can't get points for US Class Fighters you've obtained through Rental Tokens or Shared Decks with Tag Partners.
*There are no other ways to get points other than those listed above.
*You can get up to 400 points per day. Points are reset daily at 4AM (JST).

▼ Points & Rewards

40 +5 Sense
100 5 Fight Summon Tickets
200 +5 Sense
300 20 Summon-Only A Sensebeans
400 +5 Sense
500 5 Fight Summon Tickets
600 +5 Sense
700 20 Summon-Only S Sensebeans
800 +5 Sense
1,000 5 S Class Summon Tickets
1,200 +10 Sense
1,400 5 Summon-Only US Sensebeans
1,600 +10 Sense
1,800 5 Summon-Only US Sensebeans
2,000 +10 Sense
2,400 5 Summon-Only US Sensebeans
3,000 +10 Sense
4,000 5 Summon-Only US Sensebeans
5,000 +10 Sense
6,000 +20 Sense

*Each US Class Fighter has their own rewards.

Raise Your Brand Levels and Get Rewards!

Get ready to level up your favorite Brands!

Use a Brand and get Brand Points! Get enough points and you'll level up for rewards like US Class Summon Tickets, Rental Tokens, and even permanent bonuses!

Gb8cNB3A20180626l_en.pngYou'll get a set amount of Brand Points by using a Brand in battle or by using Sensebeans on Brand Fighters.

▼ How to Get Points

・League (VS Player)
Free (VS Player)

Brand Cups (Get Bonus Points!) (VS Player)
Event (VS CPU)
Training (VS CPU)

◇ Points Gained from Battles

[ VS CPU ]
Win: 5
Loss: 1
Draw: 3

[ VS CPU ]
Win: 20
Loss: 2
Draw: 10
You'll get even more Brand Points by playing in Brand Cups!

*When playing in a Tag, you'll get half points for the Brand your Tag Partner is using.

*You can get Brand Points from up to 30 battles per day. This limit resets every day at 4AM. Brand Cup battles have no limit.

You can also get Brand Points by using Sensebeans on Brand Fighters.
League-Only US Sensebeans: 10
League-Only S Sensebeans: 5
League-Only A Sensebeans: 5
League-Only B Sensebeans: 5
Summon-Only US Sensebeans: 20
Summon-Only S Sensebeans: 10
Summon-Only A Sensebeans: 10

*Brand Points earned by enhancing the Sense of Freelancer Fighters will be divided evenly among all Brands.

*There is no limit to the number of Brand Points you can get from using Sensebeans.

Get Permanent Bonuses from Brand Levels!

Request Completion Prize Boost

Get 1 Fight Summon Ticket or +5 League Rank Points with every Daily Request Completion Prize for each Boost!

US Mission Point Boost

Get extra points for US Class Fighter Missions for each Boost!

Partner Slot Increase

Increases your maximum Partners by one.

Deck Slot Increase

Increases you maximum Decks by one.

*Rewards gained from each Brand are cumulative.

▼ Brand Level Rewards (Same for Each Brand)

Level (Brand Points Required)Reward
1 -
2 (20) 3 Rental Tokens
3 (120) Request Completion Prize Boost
+1 Fight Summon Ticket
4 (240) 5 Fight Spirit
5 (400) +1 Partner Slot
6 (600) 1 Nice Voice

18th Ave Kid Yaji
Torque Twister G-Wrench
Chief Officer J
Corpse Princess Zombini
(Depends on Brand leveled)
7 (800) Request Completion Prize Boost
+5 League Rank Points

8 (1,200) 10 Summon-Only S Sensebeans
9 (1,600) +1 Deck Slot
10 (2,000) 10 S Class Summon Tickets
11 (2,400) Request Completion Prize Boost
+1 Fight Summon Ticket
12 (2,800) 3 Rental Tokens
13 (3,200) +1 Partner Slot
14 (3,600) 10 Summon-Only S Sensebeans
15 (4,000) US Mission Point Boost
+1 US Class Fighter Mission Point

16 (4,400) 5 Summon-Only US Sensebeans
17 (4,800) +1 Deck Slot
18 (5,200) 5,000 CoroPoints
19 (5,600) Request Completion Prize Boost
+5 League Rank Points

20 (6,000) 5 US Class Summon Tickets

Weekly Area Rankings Are Here! Aim for the Top!

See how you stack up against other nearby Leaguers!

It's not just about brute strength, because there's more than one way to enjoy Fight League! You'll be ranked weekly by Brand usage, CoroPoints gained, and more!


PVP Wins

Rankings based on wins in Leagues, Brand Cups, and Free Battles (VS The World)

CoroPoints Gained
Rankings based on CoroPoints gained in Leagues, Brand Cups, Free Battles (VS The World), Event Battles, and Training (VS The World / VS A Partner)

Brand Usage
Rankings based on Brand usage in Leagues, Brand Cups, Free Battles (VS The World), Event Battles, and Training (VS The World / VS A Partner)

Fight Spirit Gained
Rankings based on Fight Spirit gained in Leagues, Brand Cups, Free Battles (VS The World), Event Battles, and Training (VS The World / VS A Partner)

The 50-200 players closest to you are shown in these rankings.

*Only wins in applicable battles are counted for rankings.
*Only CoroPoints and Fight Spirit gained in applicable battles are counted for rankings.
*Battles lost intentionally won't be counted for any rankings.

*We'll still be collecting data right after the Version 2.0 update, so rankings won't be available until 7/2 (JST).

▼ How to Be Ranked
You'll be eligible for Area Rankings once you Clear 18th Avenue's Intro to Fight League and log in for 2 days.

Face Your Rivals!
5 nearby Leaguers will be randomly selected to be your Rivals!

You can see your Rivals' activity on the Home screen, challenge them to battle, and maybe even become Partners!

*Weekly Area Rankings are separate from League Rankings.
*The number of Rivals you can have may decrease based on how many open Partner slots you have left.
*If you haven't registered your location, your weekly Area Rankings will be displayed based on other nearby unregistered users' data.
*Area Ranking data is collected every Monday 4AM - Friday 12AM (JST).
*If your registered area changes during ranking data collection, your data will be collected the following week based on your new location.

New Starter Packs for Beginners!

New Starter Packs are arriving in the Shop in Version 2.0, each containing a full Deck of 10 Fighters!

There's 5 Packs in all. You can trade for only up to one of each!

▼ Fight Money Required
30 Fight Money each

18th Avenue

Hisui Waterlily, Kaguya, Keeper of Song, Tsuzumi Catari, Shinobu Catari, Gridlock Cop Yuko, Lady Catari, Katsuo Catari, Fantastic Dancer Wazuma, 18th Ave Kid Yaji, Sumire Catari


Professor Pi, GX-17 Guardian Proto, Petite Madeleine, Mixy Mindy, Inferna Flair, Injectionist Lindsey Drip, Dryer Beauty Leah, LED Cyborg Lumino, Torque Twister G-Wrench, Combat Jammer Delta

Athlete Creatures

Gattopardo, Spotted Striker, Reinhardt, King of the Ring, Croquet Sage Tortuga, Suicide Sniper Wolveo, Juggernaut Bison Jr., Sea Skipper Loutre, B.R. Olga, Ribbon Dancer, Lynx@PG, Stash SkyFlyer, Clyde "Iron Arm" Cleaver

Justice Professionals

Mr. Physio, Greatest Teacher Klay, Patrol Officer Rowdy, Daisy De-Lily, Pierrouette, Scrapper, Interim Constructor, Ms. Isle Skies, Angry Accountant Laborwolf, Chief Officer J, Eco Fighter 3R

TOYS of the DEAD

Hungry Hungry Hellbeast, Franky the Monster, Runaway Gargoyle, Dustin Boots, Cursed King Pup, Putrid Aromata, Lady Pincushion, Old Man Curse Cream, Corpse Princess Zombini, Card Captives

*Start Dasher Special Fighters all come with 1 Sense (Sense Level 0).
*The old Start Dasher Specials will become unavailable after the new ones are added.
*You can still trade for the new Start Dasher Specials even if you traded for one of the old ones.

*For more info on Start Dasher Specials, check here.

Get Bonus Items When Buying Fight Money!

Now you'll get bonus items for every Fight Money purchase you make!

▼ Fight Money Purchase Bonuses Available
After Version 2.0 update maintenance on 6/28 12AM

▼ Item List

2 Fight Money + Bonus ¥120 2 Fight Money
1 Rental Token
1 S Class Summon Ticket
12 Fight Money + Bonus 600 12 Fight Money

2 Rental Tokens
3 S Class Summon Tickets

32 Fight Money + Bonus 1,400 32 Fight Money
4 Rental Tokens
3 S Class Summon Tickets
1 US Class Summon Ticket

74 Fight Money + Bonus 3,000 74 Fight Money
8 Rental Tokens
7 S Class Summon Tickets
3 US Class Summon Tickets

130 Fight Money + Bonus 5,000 130 Fight Money
16 Rental Tokens
11 S Class Summon Tickets
5 US Class Summon Tickets

275 Fight Money + Bonus 9,800 275 Fight Money
32 Rental Tokens
22 S Class Summon Tickets
10 US Class Summon Tickets

*These are purchased with real money. You can't buy these with Fight Money.

Adjustments to Solo Matchmaking

Matchmaking for Solo Battles is getting a revamp! With Version 2.0, you won't be matched with a Tag team when you're going Solo in League or Free Play until you're in the World League.

*In the World League, Solo players and Tag teams can still be matched up.

Also, when you take down a Tag team as a Solo player in the World League, you'll get a special VS Tag Prize!

▼ VS Tag Prize
10 Fight Summon Tickets

*You can only get VS Tag Prizes from World League battles.
*You can get up to 20 VS Tag Prizes a day. This limit resets every day at 4AM.
*With the addition of VS Tag Prizes, 3-Win Streak Bonuses will no longer be available after Version 2.0.

Enhance Sense to Unlock Fighter Stories!

Each Fighter will get their very own Fighter Story that can be seen once you raise their Sense Level to 3! Unlock Fighter Stories and take a peek into the world the characters live in!


New Feats!

New Feats are coming! Clear Feats for days logged in, Fighters held, and Nices! given to get awesome Titles and Fight Summon Tickets!

▼ New Feats and Rewards
Days Logged In
*This Feat will be added on 6/21 (JST).

DaysFight Summon TicketsTitle 1Title 2
390 30 The Arena's Wunderkind
420 30 Grizzled Senior
450 30 Addicted Fight Maniac
480 30 Ambitious Veteran
510 30 Already a XFLAG Employee
540 30 Everyone's Ultimate Battle

Fighters Held

Fighters HeldFight Summon TicketsTitle 1Title 2
380 20 Chocofied Civilian
400 20 Purrfect Finisher
420 20 Fickle Firestarter
440 20 Here Comes the Feast
460 20 Criminal Punisher
480 20 Eternal Zugzwang

Amount of CoroPoints Sent with Nice!

Nice! CoroPointsFight Summon TicketsTitle 1Title 2
100 10 Promising Greenhorn
1,000 10 Newbie Trainer
5,000 10 Next-generation Cheerleader
10,000 10 Everyone's Favorite Leader
15,000 10 The Legendary Cheer Captain

*Change your Title by going to Other ⇒ Your Profile, and then tapping the edit icon under Title.

If you already meet the requirements for some of the Feats above:
1. Log in again after the Feats added on 6/28 (JST) to clear the Days Logged in Feat.
2. Get a new Fighter (any Fighter) to update the Fighters Held Feat.

CoroNavi Rewards Adjusted

CoroNavi Missions and its prizes are getting an overhaul!

For more info on CoroNavi, check here.
*After the Version 2.0 update, CoroNavi will be shown to all players, not just new ones.

▼ Missions and prizes after the change.

1. Clear Intro to Fight League's 18th Avenue Stages 30 Fight Summon Tickets
2. Check the Pack Shop for Fighter Packs 30 Fight Summon Tickets
3. Pull from a Summon

10 Rental Tokens

10 Fight Summon Tickets

4. Make a Deck 5 Fight Spirit
5. Claim a Daily Request Completion Prize 20 Rental Tokens
6. Get a Partner 10 US Summon Tickets

(UPDATED 6/29)

The reward for completing Mission 3, Pull from a Summon, has been changed from 10 Fight Summon Tickets to 10 Rental Tokens.

*Requirements for Missions 1 to 3 will remain as they were in the Version 1.7 update (on 3/15 (JST)).
*If you've already cleared Missions 1 to 3 before the Version 2.0 update (at 6/28 11:59PM (JST)), you will not be able to clear them again after the update.
*Missions 4 to 6 are new additions and will be clearable by all players after Version 2.0.

New Player Fight Money Gift Adjusted

We'll be changing the amount of Fight Money sent to players Gift Boxes upon completing the Tutorial.

▼ Updated Rewards
150 Fight Money

*Only applies to players who clear the Tutorial after the Version 2.0 update.

Shop Name Changes

The following Shops names will be changed:
・Premium CoroPoint Shop ⇒ Fighter Shop
・Fight Money Shop ⇒ Pack Shop

Fight 7 Removed

We'll be saying goodbye to Fight 7 Battles with Version 2.0. As a result, we'll also be changing any Missions related to Fight 7 Battles.

*Please note that any Fight 7 Battles you have in progress will no longer be playable after the update.

Adjustments to League Rank Point Gains And Losses (UPDATED 6/28)

We're adjusting the number of points earned or lost after each League battle.

[Normal Battles]

League Rank

Win (Before After Ver. 2.0)

Loss (Before After Ver. 2.0)
Bronze D 100 → 40 0 → 0
Bronze C 100 → 40 -10-20
Bronze B 100 → 50 -20-30
Bronze A 100 → 50 -30-30
Silver D 100 → 60 -40-30
Silver C 100 → 60 -50-30
Silver B
100 → 70 -60-40
Silver A
100 → 70 -70-50
Gold D 100 → 80 -80-60
Gold C 100 → 80 -90-70
Gold B 100 → 90 -100-80
Gold A 100 → 100 -100-90

*Rank Point multipliers from Underdog Battles have not changed.

Partner Slots Now Expandable with Fight Money (UPDATED 6/28)

If you've maxed out your Partner slots, you can trade for more with Fight Money!

▼ Fight Money Needed
5 Fight Money per slot

You can also increase your Partner slots by raising Brand Levels.
*For more info on Brand Levels, check here.

*You can only expand your Partner slots by up to 10 slots with Fight Money.

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