New to Fight League? Start Here! Harmony's Fight League 101!


A couple of lessons from me and you'll be battling with the best of them!

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E9xvs5aG20180628_a_en.pngStart Here!

E9xvs5aG20180628_b_en.pngBefore You Battle!

E9xvs5aG20180628_c_en.pngYou Don't Have to Pay to Have Fun!

E9xvs5aG20180628_d_en.pngEven More Free Fun!

E9xvs5aG20180628_e_en.pngMore the Merrier! (More Prizes, too!)

Fight League 101


Harmoniaaa... Where do I even start? There are so many buttons, I don't know which to tap...

Baby steps, Melodus! Just start by clearing the CoroNavi Missions for now!


Get that done and you've just about mastered the basics of Fight League!

Oh, wow! I'm sure glad I came to you for advice! All right! Time to follow the CoroNavi icons!


Before You Battle!


Aww! Why can't I win?!

You can't just charge into battle like that! You need to prepare! Try doing these two things before you start fighting!

Get a Starter Pack from the Shop!



These Decks are strong enough for you to use in fights right away! Not to mention you can get one for just 30 Fight Money!

Get a Fighter from the Summons!


Get a strong Fighter! (Ahem. Yours truly for example.)

I'll need to add the new Fighters to a Deck before I can use them, right?




Get More Fight Money!


Harmoniaaa... I used up all my Fight Money on Summons...

Don't worry! PVP should be the fastest way to get more Fight Money!

Hw2TpF3E2018_i_en.pngYou can get up to 310 Fight Money just from PVP battles!

310 Fight Money?!
Wowzers... That sure is a lot, but... I don't know if I'm ready for that yet.

I know, I know. Had a hunch you'd say that.

But fret not! You can still get a bunch of Fight Money by clearing Intro to Fight League!


Not only that, but by solving the puzzles in each stage, you'll start to understand all the different strategies you can use in Fight League!

Whew! So I can learn at my own pace! That's a relief!

Don't forget to complete the Daily Requests you learned about through CoroNavi, though!


Hw2TpF3E2018_m_en.pngSave up slow and steady!

Get More Than Just Fight Money!


By the way, Fight Money isn't the only way to get Fighters!
You can also use rewards from Feats, Requests, Brand Cups, Brand Levels, and more!


Get 10 special Tickets like this one to pull from a Summon!


There are even Tickets that get you a guaranteed US Class Fighter!


Whoa! A US Class Fighter guaranteed?!

That's not all!
You can also rent Fighters you don't own for a limited time with Rental Tokens!


*Certain Fighters can't be rented.

One way to get Rental Tokens is by raising your Brand Level!



That's a lot of cool items! The more I play, the more I can get!

Tag Up!


Last but not least!
It's time to introduce the coolest part about Fight League: Tag teams!


Oh! I know this one! You can fight battles alongside a Partner! The both of you can even use a different Brands!

That's right! An A+ for you! Teaming up with a friend will let you try new ways of fighting that would be impossible on your own!

Plus, tagging up also gets you all sorts of rewards. US Class Summon Tickets, among others!

Just thinking about it is getting me all fired up!

You're telling me! I'm gonna invite all my friends and be the greatest Leaguer ever!

▼ Invite Everyone Online to Be Your Partner!

▼ Tag Up Via Harmonia's Announcements!

▼ Tag Up From Your Partner List!


Now you're finally ready to take on the world as a full-fledged Fight Leaguer!

But this is where the battle really starts! There's still tons more to do and learn in Fight League!

Thanks for the lesson, Sis! I never knew Fight League was so big! No time to lose, I'm off to the arena with my friends!

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