Nearest Rankings Start on 7/2 (JST)!

Starting 7/2 (JST), you'll be able to view Nearest Rankings!

Find out who has the highest win counts, CoroPoints, Brand usage, and Fight Spirit in your registered area!

Read below for more details on how to register your location!


*If you don't register your location, you'll be grouped in the Nearest Rankings group for undefined locations.

▼ Rankings Start Date (JST)
From 7/2

◇ About Rankings
Changing Your Location

When Your Rankings Area Does Not Display Your Registered Area

・Changing Your Location
You can set or change your registered location by going to Player Info ⇒ Registered Location and tapping the edit icon.

You'll join your new location's Rankings starting from the following Monday 12AM (JST).



・When Your Rankings Area Does Not Display Your Registered Area
When your location has not been registered or when your location registration was not properly set, your Rankings area may not display correctly. If this happens, register your location again to solve the problem.

Please note that your changes will only take effect on the Rankings screen from the following Monday 12AM (JST).


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