Winning Fighter Rates Way Up in the Brand Selection Summon, Starting 7/7 (JST)!


Fighters with the highest win rates from each brand will be featured in the Brand Selection Summon, coming your way starting 7/7 7PM (JST)!

Rates on 34 US and S Class Fighters are WAY UP in this summon, including 18th Warden Suzu Catari, Clockwork Watcher Zero, Novice Bladedancer Haku, Fallen Idol Umbra, and The Crystal Oracle! The newest S Class Fighters will also appear!

You're guaranteed to get an S Class Fighter in every 10-Summon, plus bonus CoroPoints, Sensebeans, and Fight Spirit!

*The amount of each bonus is determined at random.
*For each single Summon you pull, you'll get 10 Premium CoroPoints. For more info, check here.

▼ Summon Duration (JST)
7/7 7PM - 7/15 11:59AM

▼ Raised Rate Fighters

Fighter NameClass
Unrivaled Artist Gataro US
18th Warden Suzu Catari US
Multitool Battlebot Amy US
Clockwork Watcher Zero US
Novice Bladedancer Haku US
Rugby Prop Alces US
Attorney Lexi Lawful US
Fallen Idol Umbra US
Mary Tryoshka US
The Crystal Oracle US
Shinobu Catari S
Yoko Van Winkle S
Bunraquist Ruri S
Gridlock Cop Yuko S
Apprentice Tsukasa Catari S
Petite Madeleine S
Super Surveiler Multieye S
Steam-Clean Irene S
New Wave Athena S
Locksmith Keyla S
Gattopardo, Spotted Striker S
Big Mitt Bill S
Point Polomander S
Prickly Racer Hedge S
Cardio Queen Erika Robes S
Don Sado, Beast Tamer S
Coach Buttinski S
Weathergirl Wendy S
Bodyguard Ward Garrison S
Mummified Terror Ted S
Hornet Heli Mk. II S
Southpaw the Champ S
Chainbound Seahorse S
Runaway Gargoyle S

▼ Fighters That Won't Appear

*Fighters available via League Play and Event Battles, and the Fighters below won't appear in this Summon.
・Fire Breaker Ko
・Yuina Onikawa
・Genki Demonborne
・Living Hazard Uzume
・Virus Commander PH-1
・Petrol Blaster Arachnobot
・Pressure Gunner Ivy
・Smogcaster Viper
・Acidspray Nebula
・Gossipmonger T. Lloyd
・Belle, Attendant No.13
・Spark Junkie TIG
・Manic-Curist Nastia
・Zillionaire Tommy G.
・Blanc Noir the Songsmith
・18th Ave Matron Mutsuki
・Triplex D
・Goalkiller Orcus
・Glam Prix Mercedes
・The Claw Crone
・Archmage Harmonia
・Xiaolong, Shaolin Defender

*Fighters other than the ones with raised rates also appear.
*To view drop rates in-game, go to the Summon you want to check and tap the More Info button.
*Please note that the abilities of all Fighters appearing in Fight League may be subject to change based on gameplay data.

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