(UPDATED 8/20)Tag Up with Tenchim Against Zaki and Baby Kawake! Get Pumped for the Live Stream Event!

The XFLAG STORE SHIBUYA's first Fight League event is coming 8/19 (JST)!

Get ready for YouTuber Tenchim as she tags up with Leaguers to fight against Zaki and Baby Kawake in preparation for the Amazon Appstore special eSports event Champions of Fire Japan! Team up with Tenchim and win tickets to Champions of Fire Japan!

What's Champions of Fire Japan?

Champions of Fire Japan is an eSports event where 8 YouTubers form 2 teams and use Amazon devices to face off over 5 different games, including Fight League! Don't miss it when it starts 8/26 (JST)!

The event will be streamed live! We'll be announcing more about the stream on the official site, so stay tuned!

>>Watch the Stream Here When it Starts<<

Check below for more details!

Invite Tenchim to Be Your Tag Partner(UPDATED 8/17)

On the day of the event, follow these steps to invite Tenchim to tag up and be your Partner.

1. Go to Other ⇒ Invite Friends on Social Media! ⇒ Invite Friends Another Way!

A message will then be copied to your clipboard, which you can paste into a Tweet.


2. Once you've pasted the message into a Tweet, insert the specified hashtag and send your Tweet.

3. Tenchim will pick her Partner from among the Tweets that used the hashtag above. Please note that you can only Partner with her using a Starter Deck with US Class Fighters from Intro to Fight League.

▼Designated Hashtag (UPDATED 8/17)


▼ Decks Allowed

18th Avenue


Athlete Creatures

Justice Professionals

TOYS of the DEAD

*Tenchim will request a new Partner after each battle.

[Notes](UPDATED 8/17)
・You can apply to Tag with Tenchim by Tweeting the designated Tag Partner recruitment message and hashtag during the live stream on 8/19 (JST).
・There is no limit to how many times you can apply.
・Minors must obtain permission from their parent or legal guardian before applying.
・Tenchim will send a Tag request to the player she chooses after looking at application Tweets. Please stay logged into Fight League while you wait.
・If you don't respond to Tenchim's request within 30 seconds, the request may be canceled.
・If you win a Tag battle with Tenchim, you will receive a digital ticket to CHAMPIONS OF FIRE JAPAN.
・Tickets will be sent out 8/23 (JST) via Twitter Direct Message from the official Fight League Twitter account (@xflag_fl). You may be ineligible if you are not following the official Fight League Twitter account.
・Your prize can't be transferred to a third party.
・On the day of the event, you can enter the CHAMPIONS OF FIRE JAPAN venue by showing your digital ticket.
・mixi, Inc. reserves the right to change, suspend, or cancel this promotion at any time at its discretion. mixi, Inc. will not be held responsible for any damage caused through this promotion, exempting cases where mixi, Inc. is directly responsible.
・Your personal information will be handled in accordance with mixi, Inc.'s Privacy Policy. (Privacy Policy:

■ Login Bonus!(UPDATED 8/20)

We're giving away Fight Money and Fight Summon Tickets as Login Bonuses to celebrate Tenchim's participation in Champions of Fire Japan!

And for a limited time only, Tenchim will be helping new players get started! Intro to Fight League will be getting a Tenchim icon that shows you where you should start!

▼ Login Bonus Duration (JST)
8/9 4AM - 8/26 11:59PM (15 Days)
*Login Bonuses are obtained automatically each day when you log in.

[Act Now! Clear Exclusive Requests to Get a Tenchem Wallpaper!]

For a limited time only, you'll be able to clear special requests to get an illustrated Tenchim wallpaper and 50 CoroPoints!


▼ Duration (JST)

8/20 12AM - 8/26 11:59PM

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