Get a US Class Fighter in the Amazon-Exclusive Start Dasher Summon!

Starting 8/8 (JST), you'll be able to download Fight League from the Amazon Appstore!

To download Fight League for Amazon, check here.

To celebrate the event, we're giving users who are starting Fight League on Amazon a special one-time-only Start Dasher with 1 US Class Fighter guaranteed!

The Amazon Start Dasher Summon even includes Fight Fest-Exclusive Fighters like 18th Ave Matron Mutsuki, Triplex D, Goalkiller Orcus, Glam Prix Mercedes, The Claw Crone, Archmage Harmonia, and Xiaolong, Shaolin Defender!

*This promo only applies to users who download and create a new account on Fight League for Amazon by 9/7 11:59AM (JST).
You won't be eligible for this promo if you already have an account on another device.

▼ Ticket Giveaway (JST)
Fight League for Amazon Release (8/8) - 9/7 11:59AM

▼ Summon Duration (JST)

Fight League for Amazon Release (8/8) - 9/14 11:59AM

*If you don't have an Amazon Start Dasher Ticket, this Summon won't appear.
*You won't be able to pull from this Summon after the Summon Duration, even if you still have a Ticket.
*10 Amazon Start Dasher Tickets will be sent to your Gift Box automatically when you log in.

▼ Summon Fighters

1 of the following US Class Fighters is guaranteed to appear in this Summon.

[18th Avenue]

・Kaguya, Keeper of Song
・Unrivaled Artist Gataro
・18th Warden Suzu Catari
・18th Ave Matron Mutsuki


・Major General Vise
・GX-17 Guardian Proto
・Multitool Battlebot Amy
・Clockwork Watcher Zero
・Triplex D

[Athlete Creatures]

・Reinhardt, King of the Ring
・Wolf Fang Tenrousai
・Novice Bladedancer Haku
・Rugby Prop Alces
・Goalkiller Orcus

[Justice Professionals]

・Greatest Teacher Klay
・Attorney Lexi Lawful
・Glam Prix Mercedes
・Fallen Idol Umbra

[TOYS of the DEAD]

・Franky the Monster
・King Schachbrett
・Mary Tryoshka
・The Crystal Oracle
・The Claw Crone


・Archmage Harmonia
・Xiaolong, Shaolin Defender

*Fighters not listed here will not appear.

*To view the drop rates in-game for the Start Dasher Summon, go to the Summon you want to check and tap the More Info button.
*Please note that the abilities of all Fighters appearing in Fight League may be subject to change based on gameplay data.

■ About the Amazon Appstore

The Amazon Appstore has lots of Android-compatible apps for you to download on your Fire Tablet, Amazon Fire TV, or Android OS-enabled devices.

Amazon also sells Amazon Coins, a currency you can use in games. Sometimes Coin Back Deals and special sales are offered.

*You can find the Amazon Appstore here.

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