(UPDATED 8/15) Version 2.1 Update Info!

H4jWXRCS20180814_1_en.pngFight League is powering up to Version 2.1!
Get all the info below.

▼ Update Time (JST)

During update maintenance (8/15 12AM - around 5AM)


New Spectating Features
Partner Invite Improvements
View CoroPoints Gained from Nices
Brand Cup Updates
Fighter Info Updates
Brand Level Cap Increased
Reward and UI Changes
Control Improvements

New Spectating Feature

[Spectator Pointing]

With the Version 2.1 update, you can "Point" to give hints to your Partner. Just tap the Field when spectating a battle and your Player Icon will be displayed on the Space you tapped.

Your icon will be displayed to both the battling player and all Spectators.

You can enable or disable the display of player Pointing in the Options menu.

*Up to 4 Spectators can Point to one space at a time. The oldest icon will be overwritten when a 5th Spectator Points.
*Each Spectator can point up to once per Action. Points are reset after each Action.
*You can't Point when the battling player is placing a Fighter, or right after a Fighter is placed.
*Spectators can't point during the opponent's turn.
*Partners can't Point to each other during Tag battles.

[Spectating Partners of Partners]

Battles being spectated by your Partners will be displayed on the Home screen's Timeline. You can Spectate these battles, too!

*You can send Cheers and Point even when spectating the battle of a player who isn't your Partner.

[View Partners' Replays]
Up to now, your Timeline would display a message whenever one of your Partners was featured on FL Channel. Now you can tap that message to watch that Replay!

You can also watch Replays of your Partners' League, Brand Cup, and Free Battles by tapping the Timeline messages saying their battle was Spectated!


Partner Invite Improvements(UPDATED 8/15)

During the Invite Your Friends Promo, you can see Promo details and partner up your friends with by tapping the "Invite Friends" button on the Home screen when your Partners are offline.

◎For more info on the Invite Your Friends Promo, check here.

Remember that your Rivals are refreshed with the Nearest Rankings. You can have up to 10 Rivals with the Version 2.1 update, giving you the chance to get even more Partners!

(UPDATED 8/15)

The number of Rivals you can have will increase when the next Nearest Rankings start at 8/20 12AM (JST).

[Not Enough Slots?]

You can increase your Partner Slots by raising your Brand Level.

For more info on Brand Levels, check here.

With the Version 2.1 update, you can also spend Fight Money to increase your Partner Slots!


*5 Fight Money is required to gain 1 Partner Slot, up to a maximum of 10 extra slots.

View CoroPoints Gained from Nices

The number of CoroPoints you've gained from Nices sent to you will be displayed on the Home screen's Timeline.

You can see who sent you those Nices by tapping that message on the Timeline.


*CoroPoints gained in the last 24 hours are displayed.

Brand Cup Updates

[Freelancer US Class Prizes]
US Class Prizes will now be awarded for using the following Fighters.

▼ New US Class Prize Fighters
・Milennium Soldier Bis
・Archmage Harmonia
・Soul Blaster Chima
・Xiaolong, Shaolin Defender

*Freelancer US Class Prizes will first be awarded in the 7th TOYS of the Dead Brand Cup: Rotary's Summer Vacation, to be held on 8/17 9:30PM - 11PM (JST).

[Brand Cups Made Easier]

Partners of Partners will now be displayed in the Preliminary Rankings you see after every Brand Cup battle. Your win count, win streak count, and the Prizes you'll receive will also be displayed.

You can also check the Preliminary Rankings from the Brand Cup menu.

*These features will first be available in the 2nd 18th Avenue Tag Cup: Brand Synergy Showdown, to be held on 8/15 9:30PM - 11PM (JST).

Fighter Info Updates

Fighter win and Fight Burst animations will be added to the Fighter Details screen.


▼ How to Unlock Animations

Win Animations are unlocked once you get their respective Fighter. Fight Burst Animations are unlocked once you raise that Fighter's Sense Level to 3.

[View Critical Hit Rates from Fighter Info Bar]
When in battle or editing a Deck, Critical Hit Rates will now be visible from the Info Bar on the top of the screen when you tap a Fighter.

*Critical Hit Rates will not be shown if the Fighter's Sense Level is 0.

Brand Level Cap Increased

With the Version 2.1 update, each Brand will have their maximum Brand Level raised to 30.

▼ Rewards

Level (Brand Points Required)Reward
21 (6,400) 15 Summon-Only S Sensebeans
22 (6,800) 1 Nice Voice

18th Ave Kid Yaji ②
Torque Twister G-Wrench ②
Lynx@PG ②
Chief Officer J ②
Corpse Princess Zombini ②
(Depends on Brand leveled)
23 (7,200) Request Completion Prize Boost
+1 Fight Summon Ticket
24 (7,600) +1 Partner Slot
25 (8,000) 15 Summon-Only S Sensebeans
26 (8,400) 10,000 CoroPoints
27 (8,800) US Mission Point Boost
+1 US Class Fighter Mission Point
28 (9,200) +1 Partner Slot
29 (9,600) 10 S Class Summon Tickets
30 (10,000) 10 Summon-Only US Sensebeans

*For more on Brand Levels, check here.

Reward and UI Changes

The following rewards will be changed.
・Daily Request Completion Prize
300 CoroPoints → 5 Fight Summon Tickets
500 CoroPoints → 10 Fight Summon Tickets
1,000 CoroPoints → 20 Fight Sumon Tickets

・Rival Battle Prize
1 Fight Summon Ticket → 5 Fight Summon Tickets

The following change was made to a UI message
[〇〇 battle was spectated] → [Cheered a 〇〇 battle]

Control improvements

[Use Multiple Sensebeans at Once]
When you're raising a Fighter's Sense, you can now use more than one Sensebean at a time.


[Clearer Menu Updates]
The Side Menu will now pop up if there's something new to see inside it.

[New Request Notifications]
Your Timeline will now tell you when you have new Daily Requests.


[Opponent and Tag Request Notifications]

A notification will appear to let you know whenever a Partner or Rival is requesting an Opponent or Tag. When you tap the button displayed in the notification, you'll be sent straight to battle or into a Tag!

H4jWXRCS20180814_1i_en.png*The notification will not appear in the following cases:

・When a pop-up is currently being displayed
・During Summon or Request Completion Reward animations
・On the Battle Results screen
・On the Edit Decks screen before a battle
・In battle

[Purchase Fight Money Button]
A menu for purchasing Fight Money will be added to the Shop.


[US Class Fighter Mission Points Display Revised]
The way Points are displayed on the US Class Fighter Mission screen will be changed.

*The amount of Mission Points needed to complete a Mission will not change.

[Best Ranks Only Shown Between World Leaguers]
When starting a PVP battle, you'll only see your opponent's best Rank if the both of you have been to the World League before.

*Best Ranks will not be shown during Brand Cups.

[Tap a Player's Icon to View Their Profile]
From the Home screen, tap a player's icon on the Timeline Feed to view their profile.

[Current Deck Selection Simplified]
You will no longer need to leave the Deck Selection screen to change your Current Deck. Just tap another Deck on the screen to choose it.

*To edit a Deck, tap the pencil icon above it.

Nearest Rankings Revised

The Fight Spirit category will no longer be displayed in Nearest Rankings.

*This will take effect immediately after the Version 2.1 update maintenance.

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