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(UPDATED 8/24)Issues After Version 2.1 Update Maintenance

Thanks again for playing Fight League.

We've confirmed some issues after the Version 2.1 Update Maintenance and have scheduled fixes to resolve them.

Read below for more details.

Confirmed Issues
Issue 1: When spectating a battle, profile images displayed in the Spectator list have pale colors.

Issue 2: In addition to some other notifications, the Brand Points Obtained screen shown at the end of battles is not displayed properly on some devices.

Issue 3: Countdown Skills sometimes fail to activate in some Road to Glory stages, preventing them from being completed.

(UPDATED 8/16)

Issue 4: The Sense Level Effect popup window does not appear when the Critical Hit Rate button on the Fighter Info screen is tapped.

(UPDATED 8/24)

Issue 5: Victory Animations are viewable on Rental Fighters when they should only be viewable on Fighters you own.

Fix Dates & Times (JST)
Issues 1 & 2: Fixes will be implemented in the upcoming Version 2.1.1 update.

Issue 3: Resolved as of 8/15 around 11PM.

Issue 4: We will announce a fix time as soon as possible.

Issue 5: This issue is set to be fixed in the upcoming Version 2.1.1 update.

We're sorry for any inconvenience or confusion these issues may have caused. To make it up to you, we'll be sending out in-game items to all players in the near future.

We'll continue to improve Fight League to create an even better experience for everyone.

See you back in the arena!

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