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(UPDATED 9/7)Breaking News on Our New US Class Fighter and Her Voice Talent Yuri Yuizaki! Check Back for More Updates!


Announcing the winner of our Fight League Voice Talent live auditions: Yuri Yuizaki! She'll be voicing our new US Class Fighter coming mid-September!

On this page, we'll be giving you a sneak peek into the story and personality of her US Class Fighter over the course of three exclusives!

Check back here for updates and dive into the new US Class Fighter's lore!

▼ Info Release Dates (JST)

Part 1: 9/3 (Released)

Part 2: 9/5 (Released)
Part 3: 9/7 (Released)

◆◇◆ Part 1 ◆◇◆

This just in! The latest on that mysterious shamisen girl!

We bring to you the only image of her currently released to the press: an image of the girl with a shamisen! We've found out that her name is Ryo. However, upon some investigation of our own, we've also discovered that she's also a singer-songwriter! This writer wonders what sort of magical voice hides behind her veil of mystery. We'll keep you updated with the latest news as it becomes available. Stay tuned!

◆◇◆ Part 2 ◆◇◆

Here's the latest news on our mystery girl!

Our sources have revealed that the enigmatic shamisen player Ryo has also formed a new band and is about to make a major debut! One of our reporters has staked out in front of Ryo's frequented studios in an attempt to interview her, but to no avail. It seems they're really ramping things up in preparation for their big debut.

◆◇◆ Part 3 ◆◇◆

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!
Presenting the hottest new rock band in town, The Songbirds!

This paper has finally managed to gain access to one of the rehearsals for Ryo's new band, The Songbirds! This reporter was blown away, to say the least.

While Ryo usually exudes a calm and cool aura, her aggressive, fast-paced performance brings to mind the words "on fire." And though each band member has their own unique style, the harmony of their music makes it hard to believe the band's journey together has only just started. It's not at all hard to see The Songbirds soon becoming the talk of the town here in 18th Avenue.

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