Yuri Yuizaki Accepts the Commissioner's Challenge! Get Items for Each Mission She Clears! Facebook Promo Underway!

Yuri Yuizaki, voice of Period 32's new Fighter Songbirds Lead Ryo, is taking on The Commissioner's Challenge!

You can watch her take the challenge on the Official Fight League YouTube Channel! As she clears challenges, all users will get awesome rewards!
*Videos are in Japanese only.

You might even get a special Yuri Yuizaki Nice Voice!

We're also holding the Commissioner's Challenge Facebook Promo!

Depending on how many Likes we get (plus Retweets from Japanese users), all users could get up to 50 Fight Money!

*For more info on Songbirds Lead Ryo, check here.
*For more info on the Summon where Ryo will appear, check here.

■ Facebook Promo Underway!

Ve5ZdSzW20180912_b_en.pngLike us on Facebook during the promo period and get awesome rewards!

The more likes we get, the more rewards we'll give! At 3,000 Likes (plus Retweets from Japanese users), all users will get 50 Fight Money!

Once we reach 1,000 Likes & Retweets, 3 lucky users will be randomly selected to receive a special postcard from Yuri Yuizaki herself!

▼ Duration (JST)
9/12 12PM - 9/14 11:59AM
*The Facebook post we'll count Likes on will be posted on 9/12 12PM.

▼ Likes & Rewards

・100 Likes & Retweets: 3 Fight Money
・500 Likes & Retweets: 5 Fight Money
・1,000 Likes & Retweets: 10 Fight Money
・3,000 Likes & Retweets: 50 Fight Money

*Prizes will be given out based on the number of Likes received at end of the Promo Duration. (e.g. If 1,500 Likes were received, the prize for 1,000 Likes will be given out.)
*Rewards will be given to users who log in to Fight League from 9/16 12PM - 10/1 11:59PM (JST).
*The postcard winner will be contacted via direct message on Facebook around mid-October.

You can find the official Fight League Facebook page here.

*The Commissioner's Challenge Facebook Like Promotion Participation Rules

■ The Commissioner's Challenge: Live!

Ve5ZdSzW20180912_c_en.pngYuri Yuizaki is taking on The Commissioner's Challenge!

The Challenge will be broadcast on the official Fight League YouTube Channel, and all users will get awesome rewards for each challenge Yuri Yuizaki completes!

There will be 5 broadcasts and 5 challenges in total! Let's root for her to clear them all! You can help her out by giving her advice during the broadcast!

Also, Yuri Yuizaki will choose the most helpful viewer to be her MVP after each broadcast!

Each MVP will get a personalized Nice Voice from Yuri Yuizaki herself!

▼ Live Streaming Times (JST) ▼
You can also get to the livestreams from within the game.

Airdate (Link)

ChallengeCompletion Reward

9/18 6PM

Win 2 Battles with Chosen Fighters! 10 Fight Money

9/20 6PM

Win 5 Battles During the Broadcast! 10 Fight Money

9/26 6PM

Win 2 Battles While Answering a Quiz! 10 Fight Money

9/28 6PM

Win 4 Battles During the Broadcast! 10 Fight Money

10/1 6PM


To be revealed!

10 Fight Money

*Each challenge will run from 6PM - 7PM.
*Commissioner's Challenge rewards will be sent out within 3 days of Yuri Yuizaki completing a challenge.
*Videos are in Japanese only.

If Yuri Yuizaki clears all 5 of the Commissioner's Challenges, she'll apppear as a special guest at offline events, and she'll also appear as a semi-regular guest on normal Fight League YouTube videos!

Can she clear them all?

Yuri Yuizaki posts about Fight League often on Twitter, so be sure to check it out!

*You can find Yuri Yuizaki's Twitter account here. (Japanese only)

The Commissioner's Challenge Facebook Like Promotion Participation Rules

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