Fighter Balance Adjustments

Hey there, Leaguers. Thanks again for playing Fight League.

We'll be rebalancing some Fighters at the date and time below.

▼ Adjustment Time (JST)

During maintenance on 10/2 12AM - around 5AM

▼ Adjustment Info
・Fighter Balance Adjustments
・Adjustments to Skills that place Mines or other objects

■ Fighter Balance Info

We will be adjusting the following Fighters to both reduce imbalance from certain Fighters and increase the win rates of each US Class Fighter.

Riot Cop Rowdy (S Class / Justice Professionals)


Mary Tryoshka (US Class / TOYS of the DEAD)

Riot Cop Rowdy (S Class / Justice Professionals)

◎Fight Burst Adjusted

Burns all Enemy Fighters.
(Takes 100 extra damage when attacked)

Burns Enemy Leader.
(Takes 100 extra damage when attacked)

Living up to his name, Riot Cop Rowdy had a powerful Fight Burst that Burned all Enemy Fighters. This could be combined to devastating effect with Fallen Idol Umbra's Skill that both damaged Enemy Members and buffed the Allied Leader, or with Kana, Starlight Director's Skill which damages the Enemy Leader. This incredible strength created a great deal of imbalance in Period 31, causing other Brands and less powerful Justice Professionals Fighters to be pushed out of the spotlight.

While we're adjusing Rowdy's Fight Burst to only Burn the Enemy Leader, his Fight Burst will still be unique and reliably powerful. With the Enemy Leader Burned, Rowdy and the Justice Professionals can work together to bring their own brand of rough justice to the arena.

This adjustment will allow for more variety in Leader usage and win rates for Justice Professionals Decks, as well as leading to an overall more balanced and healthy battle environment for all Brands.

Mary Tryoshka (US Class / TOYS of the DEAD)

◎Skill Adjusted
Enter: KO's 1 Allied Member, then increases Attack by that Ally's Attack and gains Shield equal to their HP.

Select: KO's 1 Allied Member, then increases Attack by that Ally's Attack and gains Shield equal to their HP.

Mary Tryoshka
's Skill may have been powerful, but its randomness made it difficult to use effectively.

We're adjusting her Skill from an Enter Skill to a Select Skill. This will allow her to use her Skill on effective targets like Period 31's Spiny Sammy Guaro, giving her a chance to come out of her shell and rival the power of other TOYS of the DEAD US Class Fighters.

Ths adjustment will open up more strategic options for TOYS of the DEAD and help the Brand to flourish.

■ Mine & Other Object Adjustments

Until now, placing an object like a Mine or a Power Drink on a Space would overwrite any object that was already on that Space. This will be changed so that objects cannot be placed on a Space already occupied by another object.

*An object can't be placed on a Space occupied by another object, even if the existing object is invisible, like a Stealth Mine. If an object would be placed on a Space holding a Stealth Mine, the Mine's location will be revealed to both players.

Compensation for Adjustments

[Fighter Balance Adjustments]
To make up for this downward adjustment, we will be sending in-game items to players who owned the following Fighter at the times below.

▼ Downward-Adjusted Fighters

Riot Cop Rowdy (S Class / Justice Professionals)
*Players who only own the pre-Style Change version Patrol Officer Rowdy are not eligible.

Players who owned this Fighter by 10/2 12AM (JST)

Gift Items
・500 Premium CoroPoints
・5 Fight Spirit

[Skill Adjustments]
After the Version 1.8 update maintenance on 5/1 (JST), objects like Mines and Power Drinks were able to be placed on Spaces that already held an object, overwriting the older object. The Version 2.1.2 update will change this so that objects can't be placed on Spaces occupied by other objects.

To make up for any confusion this change may cause, we will be sending 2 Fight Money to all players.

Gift Items
・2 Fight Money

Gifts will be sent after the Version 2.1.2 update maintenance planned for 10/2 12AM - around 5AM (JST). Please note that arrival times may vary.

We'll continue to improve Fight League to create an even better experience for everyone.

See you back in the arena!

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