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The Deck Booster Fighters Summon Starts 10/2 After Maintenance (JST)! Power Up Your Decks with 5 New Fighters!

Ze84yYGR20181001_2_en.pngThe Deck Booster Fighters Summon starts from 10/2 after maintenance (JST)!

This all-new Summon features 5 Fighters who work great with existing Deck types and help to expand that Deck's strategy. Use them to even out the weaknesses in your Decks and power them up even more!

You're guaranteed to get at least 1 Featured Fighter in every 10-Summon! You'll also get bonus CoroPoints, Sensebeans, and Fight Spirit!

One more thing! The 5 Featured Fighters from this summon will be available for a limited time in the Fighter Shop at special low prices!

*For each single Summon you pull, you'll get 10 Premium CoroPoints. Find out more here.

▼ New Fighter Debut (JST)
10/2 after maintenance (from 12AM)

New Fighter Drop Rates Up (JST)
10/2 after maintenance (from 12AM) - 10/15 11:59PM

Drop rates on the 5 Featured Fighters will be WAY UP during the period above! You're also guaranteed to get 1 S Class Fighter or higher in every 10-Summon.

*Fighters you already own may also appear in this Summon.
*Please note that the abilities of all Fighters appearing in Fight League may be subject to change based on gameplay data.

▼ Fighters That Won't Appear
*This Summon doesn't include Style Changed Fighters and Fighters available as Battle Prizes from VS Player or VS CPU Battles. The below Fighters are also not included:
・18th Ave Matron Mutsuki
・Triplex D
・Goalkiller Orcus
・Glam Prix Mercedes
・The Claw Crone
・Archmage Harmonia
Xiaolong, Shaolin Defender
・Fire Breaker Ko
・Yuina Onikawa
・Genki Demonborne
・Living Hazard Uzume
・Virus Commander PH-1
・Petrol Blaster Arachnobot
・Pressure Gunner Ivy
・Smogcaster Viper
・Acidspray Nebula
・Gossipmonger T. Lloyd
・Belle, Attendant No.13
・Spark Junkie TIG
・Manic-Curist Nastia
・Zillionaire Tommy G.
・Blanc Noir the Songsmith

*To view the drop rates in-game for the Deck Booster Fighters Summon, go to the Summon you want to check and tap the More Info button. Find out more about this feature here!

■ 5 New Fighters!

Let's take a look at the 5 new Fighters coming to Fight League on 10/2 after maintenance (JST)!

Check out the in-game Deck Recipe featuring these new Fighters!
*Find out more about Deck Recipes here.



[Combo Recipe for Front-Row Fanatic Kagiri Koeno]

Summon two Songbirds Deck Members with Period 32's Songbirds Lead Ryo and then place Kagiri Koeno on the Field to boost his Attack to 500! He also works great in any 18th Ave Deck that has Corobis or Fighters that summon allies!



[Combo Recipe for Ring-o-taur]

Pair him up with Runaway Gargoyle to deal any damage your Leader recieves to the Enemy Leader! Ring-o-taur also works great with Dustin Boots, who nullifies any damage your Leader receives! With the right Skills, damaging your Allied Leader can be the fastest way to take down the Enemy Leader!



[Combo Recipe for Donna Matrix, Terror Tutor]

She's great at speeding up those powerful but slow-activating Countdown Skills! Team her up with Gossipmonger T. Lloyd to shorten Countdowns even further and up the pace of your battles!



Get the New Fighters in the Fighter Shop for a Special Low Cost!

Starting 10/2 after maintenance (JST), this Summon's 5 new Fighters will all be available in the Fighter Shop!

The amount of Premium CoroPoints needed to trade for them will be lowered, too!

Low-Cost Tradeable Duration (JST)

10/2 after maintenance (from 12AM) - 10/15 11:59PM

Premium CoroPoints Needed (During Above Duration)

Fighter NameClassPremium CoroPoints Needed
Front-Row Fanatic Kagiri Koeno S 400
Ring-o-taur S 400
Donna Matrix, Terror Tutor S 400
Hammer Master Hurley S 400
Gloombringer Gramophone S 400

*All 5 Fighters will be available for Low-Cost Trade in the Fighter Shop during the above period.
*All 5 Fighters will be available for their normal costs in the Fighter Shop after the promo period.

■ Fighters Added to Brand Summons!

Starting 10/2 after maintenance (JST), Period 32's new Fighters will appear in the Summons below.

▼ Fighters
Songbirds Lead Ryo (US Class)
Songbirds Drummer Raigoro (S Class)
Songbirds Bassist Koto (S Class)
Songbirds Melodist Fuka (S Class)
Songbirds Flutist Hachiro (S Class)

▼ Summons
[Fight Money]

・Brand Series Summon (18th Avenue)

・Fight Summon
・US Class Summon
・S Class Summon

・One Time Only Super Value Summon

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