Brand Cup Season 10 Starts 10/12 (JST)! Win Great Prizes, Fight Money, and Badges!

n6TAqPhg20181002_1_en.pngThe Season 10 Brand Cups will be held from 10/12 - 10/26 (JST)!

Brand Cups will be held on Fridays from 12PM - 1PM and Sundays from 9:30PM - 10:30PM (JST)!

Every Brand Cup has its own rules, and each one has awesome rewards!

You've also got a chance at getting Fight Money, Badges, and other rewards even if you don't reach the top ranks!

Check out all the details below!

■ Event Info

The Season 10 Brand Cups will be made up of 5 Cups, 1 for each Brand!

In these Brand Cups, you'll need to use a chosen Fighter in your Deck!

Schedule & Rules

10th 18th Avenue Brand Cup:
[Redux Cup] Kozuchi's Corobi Fest


Duration (JST)
10/12 12PM - 1PM

Use Candy Mallet Kozuchi in your Deck as your Leader or as a Member

10th GGG Brand Cup:
[Redux Cup] Stella Scope & Arkheif's Reversal
Duration (JST)
10/14 9:30PM - 10:30PM

Use Stella Scope in your Deck as your Leader or as a Member
Use DigiKnight Arkhief in your Deck as a Member

10th Athlete Creatures Brand Cup:
[Redux Cup] Reinhardt, King of the Beasts


Duration (JST)
10/19 12PM - 1PM

Use Reinhardt, King of the Ring in your Deck as your Leader or as a Member

10th Justice Professionals Brand Cup
[Redux Cup] Mirra's Mochi Mania


Duration (JST)
10/21 9:30PM - 10:30PM

Use Mirra the Poundy Hunter in your Deck as your Leader or as a Member

10th TOYS of the DEAD Brand Cup
[Redux Cup] Curse Cream's Blighted Sweets


Duration (JST)
10/26 12PM - 1PM

Use Old Man Curse Cream in your Deck as a Member

*Both players in a Tag must build Brand Cup Decks according to the rules.

Make Use of Shared Decks and Rental Tokens!
If you don't have the Fighters you need, you can get them through Shared Decks or by renting them!

Shared Decks
With a Shared Deck, you can make a Deck using your Partner's Fighters as well as your own! To make one, form a Tag, go to the Edit Decks screen, and tap New Shared Deck.

*For more info, check here.

Rental Tokens
You can rent a Fighter for 2 hours with 1 Rental Token!

*For more info, check here.

▼ How to Play
To enter, just go to the VS Player menu and select Brand Cup. You can also choose to receive push notifications whenever a Brand Cup starts!

*For more info, check here.

How Rankings Are Determined
More wins mean more points! The more points you get, the higher your ranking!

・Win: 4 points
・Loss: 1 points
・Draw: 2 points
・Win Streak: 3 points

*Win Streak points are awarded separately from Win points.
(ex. 4 Win points + 3 Win Streak points = 7 points)

Results Announcement
The rankings for each Brand Cup will be posted on the page below around 1 hour after Cups end. You'll get your prizes in your Gift Box at the same time!

You can also see preliminary rankings in-game after each Brand Cup battle!

Season 10 Brand Cups

10th 18th Avenue Brand Cup
Final Rankings

10th GGG Brand Cup
Final Rankings

10th Athlete Creatures Brand Cup
Final Rankings

10th Justice Professionals Brand Cup
Final Rankings

10th TOYS of the DEAD Brand Cup
Final Rankings


The top 300 players in each of the Brand Cups will get awesome prizes based on their rank!

The top players in each Cup will get 100 Fight Summon Tickets, 8 Summon-Only US Sensebeans, 14 Summon-Only S Sensebeans, and 14 Summon-Only A Sensebeans!

There's also tons of other great prizes like the Win Streak Prize and Official Leaguer Takedown Prizes. You'll also get 1 Fight Money, 1,000 CoroPoints, 1 Summon-Only S Sensebean, and 1 Summon-Only A Sensebean just for participating in a Cup!

>> For more info on rewards, check here. <<

■ Badges

Get all sorts of Badges based on how you do in Brand Cups!

You can see your Badge Collection at any time on the Player Info screen!

▼ Badge List

PrizeGold BadgeSilver BadgeBronze Badge
Ranking Prize Uh7wqyQR20180427a1.png1st - 9th Uh7wqyQR20180427b.png10th - 99th Uh7wqyQR20180427c.png100th - 300th
Win Count Prize Uh7wqyQR20180427d.png3+ Wins Uh7wqyQR20180427e.png2 Wins Uh7wqyQR20180427f.png1 Win
Win Streak Prize Uh7wqyQR20180427g.png4+ Win Streak Uh7wqyQR20180427h.png3-Win Streak Uh7wqyQR20180427i.png2-Win Streak
Takedown Prize Uh7wqyQR20180427j.png3+ Wins Uh7wqyQR20180427k.png2 Wins Uh7wqyQR20180427l.png1 Win
US Class Prize Uh7wqyQR20180427m.png1st - 9th Uh7wqyQR20180427n.png10th - 99th Uh7wqyQR20180427o.png100th - 300th
Participation Prize - - Uh7wqyQR20180427p.png

*The "Personal Best" list on the Player Info screen will display only the highest-level Badges you've received.
*Win Count Badges will override the display of Participation Badges on the Brand Cup Personal Best and Brand Cup History sections of the Player Info screen.

Rules and Notes

・Decks must follow Cup rules. If you play Tag, both Decks in the Tag have to follow the Cup rules (including Freelancers is OK).

・There is no limit to the number of teams that can join this event.

・Regardless of the number of teams participating, each player that participates will receive Badges and prizes once for each Cup.

・Only battles played during each Cup's duration will be counted.

・If we find anyone cheating, their name will be removed from the final rankings even if they appear in the rankings during the event.

・If you are found to be repeatedly losing battles on purpose, results from those battles will be invalid and not count toward either player's Win points. You may also be removed from the final rankings even if you appear in the rankings during the event.

・Points will not be awarded for battles that end with an extremely low turn count.

[About Sensebean Prizes]
*"League-Only" Sensebeans are only for Fighters available in League Battles and/or the CoroPoint Shop.
*"Summon-Only" Sensebeans are only for Fighters available in Summons.

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