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Version 2.2 Update Info!


Fight League is powering up to Version 2.2!
Get all the info below.

▼ Update Time (JST)
During update maintenance (10/16 12AM - around 5AM)

Highlight Spaces to Your Tag Partner
Rental Tokens Will Be Used Altogether at Battle Start
Brand Cup Level Cap Increased
Check Limited-Time Items More Easily
Control Improvements
Bug Fixes

Highlight Spaces to Your Partner

Spectators aren't the only ones who can Point to Spaces anymore. When in a Tag, tap a Space on the Field to have your Profile Icon appear on it. Your Partner will be able to see you pointing to that Space, allowing for better Tag team coordination.


*Pointing from Partners will still be shown even when Spectator Pointing is set to OFF in the in-battle Settings menu or in the Other ⇒ Options menu.

Rental Tokens Will Be Used Altogether at Battle Start

Rental Medals are currently used the moment you set a Rental Fighter on the Edit Deck screen, but with Version 2.2, the appropriate number of Rental Tokens will only be used when you start a battle with a Deck containing Fighters you don't own.

This means that even if you don't have any Rental Tokens, you can still save Decks with Fighters you don't own.


Brand Cup Level Cap Increased

With the Version 2.2 update, each Brand will have their maximum Brand Level raised to 40.

▼ Rewards

Level (Brand Points Required)

31 (10,400) 30 Summon-Only S Sensebeans
32 (11,000) 15,000 CoroPoints
33 (11,600)

Request Completion Prize Boost

+5 League Rank Points

34 (12,200) +1 Partner Slot
35 (12,800) 30 Summon-Only S Sensebeans
36 (13,400) 15,000 CoroPoints
37 (14,000)

US Mission Point Boost

+1 US Class Fighter Mission Point

38 (14,600) +1 Partner Slot
39 (15,200) 15 S Class Summon Tickets
40 (15,800) 25 Summon-Only US Sensebeans

*For more on Brand Levels, check here.

Check Limited-Time Items More Easily

A new Limited-Time menu will be added to the Shop screen that contains all the special value items you can get for a limited time only.

You can also check out the latest items by tapping the banner image on the top of the Shop screen!

Each shop menu's name will also be changed to match the points that you can spend in that shop (ex. Premium CoroPoint Shop, CoroPoint Shop).


Control Improvements

[See Your Bonuses More Easily]
The passive bonus effects you've received from raising your Brand Level will be viewable from the Daily Requests screen and US Class Fighter Missions screen.


You'll also be able to view the bonuses you've gotten from the main Brand Level screen, as well as from each Brand Level sub-menu.


[VS Player Menu Redesign]

The VS Player menu is getting a revamp.


[Search by Fighter Name]

Tired of scrolling through that long list Fighters? Now you can search for Fighters using their names via the search bar on the Edit Deck and Fighter List screens.


*Search is case sensitive.

[Check Announcements by Going To Other⇒Updates]
Now you can check in-game announcements by tapping Other in the Shortcut Bar on the bottom of the screen and choosing the Updates item.

■ Bug Fixes

The following issues will be resolved with the update.

◇ An issue where player icons would not be shown in rare cases when a Partner's battle results are displayed on the Timeline Feed

◇ An issue in Tag battles where the second Player's Leader displays its critical hit rate as a Member instead of its rate as a Leader

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