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(UPDATED 10/22)The Spooky Spirit Raffle Is Coming! Play Tag Battles Every Day to Enter!


(UPDATED 10/22)
We've added an infographic to visually explain the Spooky Spirit Raffle. We hope this makes it a little easier to understand!

The Halloween Spooky Spirit Raffle starts 10/16 (JST)!

All you've got to do it Tag up and battle for a chance to win a 3,000-yen Amazon gift card, a pair of wireless earphones, an instant camera, or tons of in-game prizes! You can even enter three times a day!

Don't worry if you run out of chances per day. Prizes are given to both you and your Tag Partner, so you can even enter as many times as you like as long as your Partner hasn't entered three times yet and hasn't tagged with you yet that day!


One more thing! You can also enter to win 100 Fight Money on Twitter!

Tag up and battle to enter as much as you can!

▼ Duration (JST)
10/16 after maintenance - 11/1 11:59AM

Spooky Spirit Challenge Participation Rules

■ Tons of Great Prizes!

Let's look at all the prizes you can win!

◇ Candy Party! ◇
[Spirit Drops]
Fruit Drops with Spirit Design

<100 Groups, 200 Winners>

◇ Buy Candy for Everyone! ◇
[Spirit Card]
3,000-Yen Amazon Gift Card with Spirit Case

<20 Groups, 40 Winners>

1. This is a promotion by mixi, Inc. Amacon.com, Inc. will not accept inquiries regarding this promotion.

Please contact us with any inquiries.
2. Amazon, Amazon.co.jp and their logos are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. and its affiliates.
*This gift card may only be used on Amazon.co.jp.

◇ Get Into the Mood with Halloween Music! ◇

Rp8uS2gh20181012_5c.jpg[Spirit Phones]
SONY WF-SP700N Wireless Earphones

(Includes message from the Spirits)
<20 Groups, 40 Winners>

◇ Capture Your Halloween Memories! ◇
[Spirit Cam]
Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6

(Includes message from the Spirits)
<20 Groups, 40 Winners>

[In-Game Items & A US Class Fighter!]
You can also win in-game items like Fight Money, or even the US Class Freelancer Good Harvest Eire before her appearance in Period 35!

豊穣の乙女 エール
  • 200
  • 500
  • 味方リーダーが

  • 【 エール フォー ハーベスト 】

・Fight Money (50, 5, or 2)

・10 S Class Summon Tickets
・Halloween Tickets (30, 10, or 5)

■ About the Raffle

You can look for a Tag Partner using the "Spooky Spirit Raffle" banner on the Timeline.



By playing a Tag battle, you'll automatically pull from the raffle. Once the battle ends, your results will be sent to your Gift Box.


◆ How to Tag


◇ Invite Friends on Social Media
You can send your friends Tag requests through Facebook or by tapping "Invite Friends Another Way!" to get a shareable link.

When your friend clicks the link and logs in to Fight League, you can Tag up and battle together!


◇ Tag Via QR Code
You can also Tag up by creating a QR code for your friend to scan. The code must be scanned with the Fight League app.



*You must reduce the Enemy Leader's HP to 1500 or below to pull from the Spooky Spirit Raffle. Other battles will not be counted.
*When pulling from the raffle, both you and your Tag Partner will receive prizes.
*If you and your Partner are both out of chances for the day, you can't pull from the raffle.
*You can only enter with the same Tag Partner once per day.
*You can't get prizes unless you or your Tag Partner have remaining chances for the day.
*If a player has chances remaining and they play a Tag battle with a Partner who has no chances remaining, the Partner with no chances remaining will always receive 2 Halloween Tickets as their prize.
*Winners will receive a notification that they've won in their Gift Box immediately after their Tag battle. Physical prize winners can tap the button in the message. This will direct them to a form where they must enter their personal information to receive their prize. In-game prize winners can tap "Claim" to receive their items.

■ Enter on Twitter to Win Fight Money!

You can also enter on Twitter to win Fight Money!

Tap Tweet in the message you get after pulling from the raffle to enter! 10 lucky winners will be chosen to win 100 Fight Money!

*Winners will be contacted via direct message by the official Fight League Twitter account in early November.

■ Get a Special Wallpaper!

To celebrate Halloween, we're giving away an original smartphone wallpaper on the official Fight League Facebook page!

▼ Get it Starting 10/31 (JST)! ▼
Official Facebook Page

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