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(UPDATED 10/18)Issues After Version 2.2 Update Maintenance

Thanks again for playing Fight League.

We've confirmed some issues after the Version 2.2 Update maintenance and have scheduled fixes to resolve them.

Read below for more details.

Confirmed Issues
Issue 1: The numbers for CoroPoints and Premium CoroPoints are displayed twice on the Home screen and does not display the correct amounts held. The numbers return to normal after returning to the Title screen and logging in again.
*The actual amount held is unchanged.

Issue 2: The Sense Boosted animation does not play when trading for Fighters in the Shop.

*Sense is still boosted as normal.

Issue 3: Obtained US Fighter Mission Points are not displayed after battles.

*Points are still obtained as normal.

Issue 4: The "!" icon is not displayed on the Home screen's US Class Fighter Mission button even when a mission is completed.

Issue 5: Sense obtained in Summons is not displayed when a Fighter you own with Max Sense is obtained in that Summon.

*Sense is still obtained as normal for each Fighter.

Issue 6: If FL Channel has updated, the "!" icon doesn't disappear from the "VS Player" button on the Home screen even after checking the updates.

Issue 7: The animation for placing Power Drinks with Skills and Fight Bursts is repeated at the start of every Action.

*The actual amount of Objects placed is unchanged.

Issue 8: When you trade for a Fighter Pack and the new Fighter animations begin to play, the screen turns dark and the Home screen is briefly displayed.

(UPDATED 10/18)

Issue 9:When giving multiple Nices! on the Timeline, if you tap another Timeline post, the number of CoroPoints given to the first player will be displayed as if they were given to the second player.
*This is only a display issue.

Fix Dates & Times (JST)

Issues 1 - 6 & 9: Fixes will be implemented in the next update.

Issues 7 & 8: We will update this article when we confirm the fix date & time.

We're sorry for any inconvenience or confusion these issues may have caused. To make it up to you, we'll be sending out in-game items to all players in the near future.

We'll continue to improve Fight League to create an even better experience for everyone.

See you back in the arena!

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