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Change to Fighter Pack Prices

Thanks again for playing Fight League.

The amount of Fight Money needed to trade for Fighter Packs in the Shop will be changed from 300 Fight Money to 130 Fight Money starting 11/15 12PM (JST).

After the change, the amount needed to trade for all future Fighter Packs will be 130 Fight Money.

All players who traded for Fighter Packs in the past for 300 Fight Money will be given 170 Fight Money to make up for this difference.
(Players who traded for Fighter Packs requiring a different amount of Fight Money will be refunded with the appropriate amount.)

▼ Implementation Date (JST)

After maintenance on 11/15 (from 12PM - 12:30PM)

▼ Fight Money Required

Before: 300 Fight Money

Now: 130 Fight Money

▼ Applicable Fighter Packs

[Refund: 170 Fight Money]

・Blossoming Flames of Battle
・The Clock Ticks for Thee
・Venomous Viral Network
・The End Marked in Red

[Refund: 20 Fight Money]
・Holiday Exclusive Fighter Pack

*Starter Packs are not applicable.
*The Holiday Exclusive Fighter Pack required 150 Fight Money, and therefore has a different refund amount.
Example: If you have currently traded for the Blossoming Flames of Battle, The Clock Ticks for Thee, and Holiday Exclusive Fighter Pack, then the total amount of Fight Money you will be refunded is 360 Fight Money (170+170+20).

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