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Issue with Fight Fest Summons

Thanks again for playing Fight League.

There was an issue in recent Fight Fest Summons where certain Fighters from previous Here Come New Fighters Summons would not appear at all in the Summon, even though they were supposed to.

This issue occurred during the following times, and the following Fighters did not appear:

▼ Affected Summons
Summon 1: September Fight Fest Summon (9/28 - 10/3 (JST))

Summon 2: October Fight Fest Summon (10/29 - 11/3 (JST))

▼ Fighters That Didn't Appear
Summon 1
Deadlock Crocker (US Class / Athlete Creatures)

Summon 2

Deadlock Crocker (US Class / Athlete Creatures)
Songbirds Lead Ryo (US Class / 18th Avenue)
Songbirds Drummer Raigoro (S Class / 18th Avenue)
Songbirds Bassist Koto (S Class / 18th Avenue)
Songbirds Melodist Fuka (S Class / 18th Avenue)
Songbirds Flutist Hachiro (S Class / 18th Avenue)

To make up for this issue, we will be sending in-game items to players.

▼ Compensation
All players who pulled from the above Fight Fest Summons will have all of the Fight Money they used refunded.

In addition, we will be sending all players 10 Fight Money.

*The compensation above will be given out around mid-November.

We'll continue to improve Fight League to prevent issues like this from happening again, and to create an even better experience for everyone.

We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this issue may have caused.

See you back in the arena!

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