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(UPDATED 12/17) Version 2.3 Update Info!


Fight League is powering up to Version 2.3!
Get all the info below.

▼ Update Time (JST)
During update maintenance (12/17 12PM - around 5PM)

2v2 Challenge
Rent Style Changed Fighters
Start Tag Battles More Easily
Brand Cup Menu Improvements
Check Rankings More Easily

Tag and Sense Prize Changes

Fighter Placement Hints

Unlock Fighter Stories More Easily

New Feats and Titles

See What a Tag Is like with 2v2 Challenge!

We've added a new feature called 2v2 Challenge that will let you try out a 2-on-2 Tag battle!

Just tap 2v2 Challenge from the VS Player menu and you'll be paired up with another 2v2 Challenge player! Both of you will be pitted against another Tag team!

Just like any other Tag battle, you can point out Spaces to your teammate to tell them where to place Fighters!

*For more info on Pointing, check here.


nC5L8ktX20181214_2b_en.jpgYou'll be given a special 2v2 Challenge Deck to use, so there's no need to edit your Decks before battle! All Fighters in these special Decks will have Max Sense!

You'll also get a 2v2 Challenge Reward after a battle! You can get up to 3 of these per day!

▼ 2v2 Challenge Rewards
1 Battle: 2 Fight Summon Tickets
2 Battles: 3 Fight Summon Tickets
3 Battles: 2 Fight Money

*You won't become Partners with your teammates in 2v2 Challenge.
*You can't choose your Deck.

*Rewards will be reset at 4AM each day, after which you'll be able to earn 2v2 Challenge Rewards again.

*You won't be able to get 2v2 Challenge rewards if you forfeit a battle or are disconnected.
*You can get Tag Prizes from 2v2 Challenge, but won't be able to clear Partner Requests.

*If your teammate gives up during a 2v2 Challenge, the CPU will continue the battle for them.

New Auto-Build Deck Feature

Now you can automatically create Decks for Solo and Tag battles with Auto-Build! You can even set Auto-Build to include Rental Fighters.

For Solo
Tap Auto-Build on the Edit Deck screen to generate a Deck with Fighters you have.


For Tags
Tap Auto-Build on the Confirm Deck screen before a Tag Battle and a confirmation message will appear. If both you and your Partner agree to continue, Decks will automatically be created from the Fighters you both have.


nC5L8ktX20181214_2e_en.jpg*Tapping Auto-Build in an already-built Deck will reset and rebuild that Deck.

*You can't use Rental Tokens with Auto-Build for Tag Decks.
*You can't choose which Brand to use with Auto-Build for Tag Decks, but you can still change who plays first.
*Auto-Build for Tags generates special Decks that have an Auto-Build name assigned to them. These Decks can't be edited.

Rent Style Changed Fighters (UPDATED 12/17)

Style Changed Fighters are currently not available for Rent due to an issue with the Version 2.3 Update maintenance.

For more info on this issue, check here.

Now you can Rent Style Changed Fighters you don't own using Rental Tokens and use them in battle!


Start Tag Battles More Easily

Tagging up with friends via QR Code or from the Partner List is even easier!

Also, now you can check your Partners' Player Info and even challenge them to battles from the Partner List!

[QR Code]


[Partner List]

nC5L8ktX20181214_2j_en1.jpgChoosing Free, Event, or Brand Cup will send you to the Confirm Deck screen for that battle type.

*The Show QR Code button will no longer be displayed on the top of the Home screen.
*You can check Partner Rankings by tapping the Rankings button on the Shortcut Bar at the bottom of the screen.
*The Partners button will no longer be displayed on the Shortcut Bar at the bottom of the Home screen.

Brand Cup Menu Improvements

Now you can check your Brand Cup Records and use Schedule Notifications right from the new-and-improved Brand Cup menu!

*Brand Cup Rankings can be found in the Rankings menu. You can access the Rankings menu by tapping the Rankings button on the Shortcut Bar at the bottom of the screen.


Check Rankings More Easily

Nearest Rankings, Partner Rankings, and Brand Cup Rankings are now available in the Rankings menu. Just tap the Rankings button on the Shortcut Bar at the bottom of the screen to check them!

*The Rankings button will no longer be displayed on the Home screen.


Changes to Tag and Sense Prizes

Until now, Tag Prizes were only available in VS CPU Event Battles. In Version 2.3, you can get these Prizes in League battles, too!

Your chances of getting a Sense Prize go up as your Deck Sense increases. Now you'll have a chance to double your Sense Prize when playing in a Tag with high-Sense Decks!


Get Hints When Placing Fighters

Now you can make use of a helpful Hint System until you climb to the Silver League! The Hint System will give you suggestions on where to place your Fighters.

nC5L8ktX20181214_2n_en.jpg*Hints will be displayed in League, Free, and Brand Cup battles.
*As long as you're still in the Bronze League, Hints will also be displayed while you're in a Tag.
*Hints are only suggestions. They won't necessarily guarantee your victory.
*Hints are enabled by default.
*You can disable the Hint System from the in-battle menu. Changes will be applied from the following action.

Unlock Fighter Stories More Easily

Until now, you had to get a Fighter's Sense Level to 3 in order to read their Fighter Story. With Version 2.3, you only need to get them to Sense Level 1!

*Fighters you've raised to Sense Level 1 or higher before the Version 2.3 update will have their Fighter Stories unlocked, but the unlock animation won't play.

*For more info on Fighter Stories, check here.

New Feats and Titles

New Feats are coming! Clear Feats for logging in for 540 days and having more than 480 Fighters held to get in-game items and Titles!

If you already meet the requirements for the Feats above:
1. Log in again after the Feats are added on 12/17 12PM (JST) to clear the Days Logged in Feat.
2. Get a new Fighter (any Fighter) to update the Fighters Held Feat.

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