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Event Battle Prize Change

Hey there, Leaguers. Thanks again for playing Fight League!

Starting on 2/12 12PM (JST), Event Battles will no longer be available.

We are planning other means to obtain Event Battle Fighters after March. The Event Battle Golden CoroPoint Capers will still be available on another menu.

More details to come in a later announcement.

▼ Prize Change Date (JST)

2/12 12PM

▼ Fighters That Will No Longer Be Obtainable

BrandFighter Name
18th Avenue Paper Romancer Yumeko
18th Avenue Chic Paperteer Ayame
18th Avenue Tuned Chanter Iroha
GGG Rescue Robot Arm4
GGG Chainsaw Big Saul
GGG Turntable Master Van
GGG Thermal Trooper Heath
Athlete Creatures Armored Raider Krabaddi
Athlete Creatures Giant Yokozuna Sealrus
Athlete Creatures Bunny "Hopper" Springs
Justice Professionals Glace, Subzero Ranger
Justice Professionals Rock'em Sock'em Ranger
TOYS of the DEAD Phantom Knight T. Bone
TOYS of the DEAD Tiny Tambourinist Kappa
Freelancer Shepherdess Eleni
Freelancer Dessert Maestro Satou
Freelancer R. G. Buckingham
Freelancer Northa the Polar Survivor

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