Version 2.4 Update Info!

Mu7ZjK2x20190207_2a_en.pngFight League is powering up to Version 2.4!
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Update Time (JST)
During update maintenance (2/12 12PM - around 5PM)

Anime Side Stories Are Here!
Changes to Event Battles
Training Will No Longer Be Available

Anime Side Stories Are Here!

Mu7ZjK2x20190207_5a_en.pngAlong with the release of the Fight League: Gear Gadget Generators anime, Anime Side Stories will be coming to the VS CPU Menu! Experience all-new stories that aren't told in the anime!


New Anime Side Stories will be released with every Fight League Anime episode!

Clear each Story's stages to learn more about the anime and get rewards! You might even get a special anime tie-in exclusive!

*Rewards for clearing Side Stories can only be obtained once.

◆ Come for the Story, Stay for the Battles!
Anime Side Stories are made of two parts: dialogue scenes and battles.

New dialogue scenes will be unlocked as you progress through each Episode.

Mu7ZjK2x20190207_2c_en.jpgTap the Skip button to end the dialogue scene.
Tap the View Log button to look back on the conversation thus far.

When a Story battle starts, you'll be given a specially made Deck to fight with. Win the battle, and you'll unlock the next part of the Story.

Mu7ZjK2x20190207_2d_en.jpg*If you don't win on your first try, don't worry! You can retry a battle as many times as you want, even after you've beaten it!

Changes to Event Battles

Following the update maintenance on 2/12 (JST), the VS CPU menu's Event Battles button and its battles will no longer be available.

Instead, Golden CoroPoint Capers will become accessible from VS CPU menu's CoroPoint Battle button when they're underway.


*For more info, check here.

Training Will No Longer Be Available

Following the update maintenance on 2/12 (JST), the Training button will be removed from the VS CPU menu, and you'll no longer be able to use the feature to battle with your Partners' and past opponents' Decks. This also means that Requests which give rewards for Training battles will no longer appear.

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