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Fight League Anime Promos! A New Fighter Pack, Anime Side Stories, and the Premium Summon!

The premiere of the all-new XFLAG ANIME Fight League: Gear Gadget Generators is just around the corner!

Be sure to catch it on Crunchyroll 2/14 8PM (JST)!

A Request to watch the anime is on the way! Clear it to get Fight Money!

Tons of tie-ins are coming to the Fight League app, like a new Fighter Pack, the Anime Side Stories mode, and the Premium Summon, with drop rates WAY UP on S Class Fighters!

For more info on the Fight League Anime, check our official Facebook page.

◆◇ INDEX ◇◆

Anime Side Stories
Boltechs Fighter Pack
Premium Summon

Experience Stories Not Seen in the Anime!

Fight League Side Stories are on the way, featuring all-new stories that aren't told in the anime. Play through them to read new stories and battle with special Decks!

*For more info on Anime Side Stories, check here.

Torque Twister G-Wrench Gets a Costume Change!
Episode 1 of the Anime Side Stories will be available from 2/14 8PM (JST)!


Clear the first episode and you'll get a Fight League Anime-Style Costume Change for Torque Twister G-Wrench! Her appearance, voice, and animations are all straight out of the anime!

Voice: Megumi Han

The Boltechs Fighter Pack Is Here!


Get ready for a new Fighter Pack featuring the team Boltechs from the Fight League Anime!

This 5-Fighter Pack includes US and S Class GGG Fighters, centered around the offense-oriented Mona Chrome! Trade for it in the Fight Money Shop!

Trade for this Pack and you're guaranteed to get these ultra-compatible Fighters, including a US Class! Give them a spin right away in the arena and experience a new way to play!

▼ Release Time (JST)
2/14 8PM

▼ Boltechs Fighter Pack

Fighter NameClassBrandAmount
Mona Chrome US GGG 3
Kara Fixx S GGG 3
Wily Fixx S GGG 3
Autovac Mattie A GGG 1
Sweepheart Cleanette B GGG 3

▼ Fight Money Needed
60 Fight Money

*Limit one per person while available.

Introducing the Fighters from Boltechs
Boltechs comes with these new Fighters, including a US Class!

  • 200
  • 700
  • Mu7ZjK2x20190207_5c.png
  • 味方ターン終了:攻撃範囲内の

  • 【 みんなでガンガンガンバル! 】

  • 200
  • 500
  • Mu7ZjK2x20190207_5e.png
  • 味方ターン終了:自分のアーツが

  • 【 フィックス姉弟は外さない 】

  • 200
  • 600
  • Mu7ZjK2x20190207_5g.png
  • 登場:すべての味方メンバーの

  • 【 フィックス姉弟は外さない 】

*Please note that the abilities of all Fighters appearing in Fight League may be subject to change based on gameplay data.

Get Mona Chrome's Nice Voice!
The new US Class Fighter Mona Chrome's Nice Voice will also be available in the CoroPoint Shop!

▼ Available From (JST)

2/14 8PM

▼ CoroPoints Needed

Nice VoiceCoroPoints Needed
Mona Chrome 500

◇ New Deck Recipe!

A new GGG Deck Recipe featuring the 3 new Fighters is coming!

▼ New Deck Recipe
Mona Chrome's GGG
Elite Defuser Myne
Stella Scope
Armchair Server ReClyne
Laura Columbus
Petite Madeleine
Mona Chrome
Wily Fixx
Kara Fixx
Locksmith Keyla
New Wave Athena

▼ Available From (JST)
2/14 8PM

Celebrate the GGG Anime with the Premium Summon!

The Premium Summon is coming to celebrate the release of the GGG Anime! Drop rates for S Class Fighters are WAY UP in this Summon!

You're also guaranteed to get an S Class or higher Fighter in every 10-Summon!

Use Premium Summon Tickets to pull from this Summon! You can get Premium Summon Tickets through Daily Login Bonuses from 1/25 - 2/28 (JST)!

*For more info on Premium Summon Tickets, check here.

*Fighters you already own may also appear in this Summon.
*Please note that the abilities of all Fighters appearing in Fight League may be subject to change based on gameplay data.

▼ Summon Duration (JST)

2/14 8PM - 3/8 11:59PM

▼ Fighters That Won't Appear
*This Summon doesn't include Limited-Time Fighters, Style Changed Fighters, Shop-Exclusive Fighters, Fighters available as Battle Prizes from VS Player or VS CPU Battles, and Fighters who made their first appearance in the anime. The below Fighters are also not included:

・Torino Catari

・18th Ave Matron Mutsuki
・Triplex D
・Goalkiller Orcus
・Glam Prix Mercedes
・The Claw Crone
・Archmage Harmonia
Xiaolong, Shaolin Defender
・Fire Breaker Ko
・Yuina Onikawa
・Genki Demonborne
・Living Hazard Uzume
・Virus Commander PH-1
・Petrol Blaster Arachnobot
・Pressure Gunner Ivy
・Smogcaster Viper
・Acidspray Nebula
・Gossipmonger T. Lloyd
・Belle, Attendant No.13
・Spark Junkie TIG
・Manic-Curist Nastia
・Zillionaire Tommy G.
・Blanc Noir the Songsmith
・Ghost Captain Globus
・Luna Gossamer
・Mess Deck Choppy
・Soulstring Daevia
・The HMS Phantomus

*Fighters from Here Come New Fighters or Deck Booster Fighters Summons from Periods 1-41 will also appear.

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