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New Fighter Pack: Feral Face-Off! Coming 2/19 12PM (JST)!

A new Fighter Pack arrives 2/19 12PM (JST): Feral Face-Off!

This 6-Fighter Pack includes US and S Class Athlete Creatures Fighters that specialize in amazing teamwork!
Trade for it in the Fight Money Shop!

Trade for this Pack and you're guaranteed to get these ultra-compatible Fighters, including a US Class! Give them a spin right away in the arena and experience a new way to play!

▼ Release Time (JST)

2/19 12PM

▼ Feral Face-Off Fighter Pack

Fighter NameClassBrandAmount
Slapshot Ivan Penguinov US Athlete Creatures 2
Slapshot Pipsqueak S Athlete Creatures 2
Slapshot Simon S Athlete Creatures 2
Slapshot Goliath S Athlete Creatures 2
Slapshot Knox S Athlete Creatures 2
Big Mitt Bill S Athlete Creatures 3

▼ Fight Money Needed
130 Fight Money

*Limited to 1 Pack per player.

■ Introducing the Fighters from Feral Face-Off

Feral Face-Off comes with these new Fighters, including a US Class!


*Please note that the abilities of all Fighters appearing in Fight League may be subject to change based on gameplay data.

■ Get Slapshot Ivan Penguinov's Nice Voice!

The new US Class Fighter Slapshot Ivan Penguinov's Nice Voice will also be available in the CoroPoint Shop!

▼ Available From (JST)
2/19 12PM

▼ CoroPoints Needed

Nice VoiceCoroPoints Needed
Slapshot Ivan Penguinov 500

■ New Deck Recipe!

A new Athlete Creatures Deck Recipe featuring the five new Fighters is coming!

▼ New Deck Recipe
Slapshot AC

Shaggy Skier Paca
Big Slugger Bill
Wallrunner Lizaldo
Glider Bandit Cid
Laura Columbus
Slapshot Ivan Penguinov
Slapshot Pipsqueak
Slapshot Simon
Slapshot Goliath
Slapshot Knox

▼ Available From (JST)

2/19 12PM

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