Final Rankings for the 2nd Ashida Jr. Brand Cups!

y2UJfduL20190219_2_en.pngThe 2nd Ashida Jr. Cups will be held from 2/22 - 2/26 (JST)! Final Rankings for each Cup will be updated on this page 1 hour after the end of each Cup.

*Find out more about the 2nd Ashida Jr. Cups

2nd Ashida Jr. GGG Cup
Final Rankings

2nd Ashida Jr. 18th Avenue Cup
Final Rankings

2nd Ashida Jr. TOYS of the DEAD Cup
Final Rankings

2nd Ashida Jr. Athlete Creatures Cup
Final Rankings

2nd Ashida Jr. Justice Professionals Cup
Final Rankings

*Rankings for each Brand Cup will be updated approximately every 1 hour after the Cup ends. Exact times may vary.
*Player names that were used during each Cup are displayed.
*Player names will be displayed unless they are:
・Pictures of people, characters, etc., that infringe on claimed/copyrighted materials
・Potentially offensive to the public
・Determined to be otherwise inappropriate

y2UJfduL20190219_1b_en.png◇◆ Final Rankings ◆◇

*Ranks 1 - 300

y2UJfduL20190219_1c_en.png◇◆ Final Rankings ◆◇

*Ranks 1 - 300

y2UJfduL20190219_1d_en.png◇◆ Final Rankings ◆◇

*Ranks 1 - 300

y2UJfduL20190219_1e_en.png◇◆ Final Rankings ◆◇

*Ranks 1 - 300

y2UJfduL20190219_1f_en.png◇◆ Final Rankings ◆◇

*Ranks 1 - 300

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