The GGG Anime Summon Is Coming! Catch It Every Thursday for 24 Hours from 8PM (JST)!


The GGG Anime Summon is available for 24 hours when a new episode of the anime airs every Thursday at 8PM (JST)!

This Summon's got nothing but GGG Fighters!

You can pull from this Summon once from 2/28 8PM - 3/1 7:59PM (JST)!

The drop rates of Nailgunner Piers and Bisector Snips will be WAY UP during the period above! You'll also get bonus Sensebeans and Premium CoroPoints when you pull!

▼ GGG Anime Summon Tickets ▼

Log in from when the anime airs on Thursday 4AM - Friday 7:59PM (JST), and get 100 GGG Anime Summon Tickets. That's enough for a free 10-Summon!

Don't forget to use your 10-Summon after the anime airs, every Thursday from 8PM!

◎For more info on the new anime Fighters, check here.
◎For more info on the Fight League anime, check here.

▼ Ticket Gift Duration (JST)

This week: 2/28 4AM - 3/1 7:59PM

From next week onward, you may claim your Tickets when a new episode is broadcast, every Thursday 4AM - Friday 7:59PM.

*This Summon can only be used as a 10-Summon and will disappear after use.

▼ GGG Anime Summon Duration (JST)
2/28 8PM - 3/1 7:59PM

From next week onward, the GGG Anime Summon will be open for 24 hours from when the anime airs, Thursdays at 8PM - Fridays at 7:59PM.

*GGG Anime Summon Tickets can't be saved for the following week's GGG Anime Summon.

*If you can't claim your Tickets, try returning to the title screen and logging in again.

▼ Fighters That Won't Appear

・Fighters not from GGG
・Fighters from the currently-underway Here Come New Fighters and Deck Booster Fighters Summons
・Limited-Time Fighters
・Fight Fest-Exclusive Fighters
・Style Changed Fighters
・Shop-Exclusive Fighters
・Fighters available as Battle Prizes from VS Player or VS CPU battles

*Fighters you already own may also appear in this Summon.

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