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The GGG Anime Summon Is Coming! Catch It Every Thursday for 24 Hours from 8PM (JST)!


The GGG Anime Summon is available for 24 hours when a new episode of the anime airs every Thursday at 8PM (JST)!

This Summon's got nothing but GGG Fighters!

You can pull from this Summon only once during the Summon Duration!

The drop rates of featured Fighters will be WAY UP during the period above! You'll also get bonus Sensebeans and Premium CoroPoints when you pull!

▼ GGG Anime Summon Tickets ▼

Log in from when the anime airs on Thursday 4AM - Friday 7:59PM (JST), and get 100 GGG Anime Summon Tickets. That's enough for a free 10-Summon!

Don't forget to use your 10-Summon after the anime airs, every Thursday from 8PM!

◎For more info on the Fight League anime, check here.

▼ Ticket Gift Durations in Period 43 (JST)

・3/7 4AM - 3/8 7:59PM
・3/14 4AM - 3/15 7:59PM

*This Summon can only be used as a 10-Summon and will disappear after use.

▼ GGG Anime Summon Durations in Period 43 (JST)
3/7 8PM - 3/8 7:59PM
・3/14 8PM - 3/15 7:59PM

*GGG Anime Summon Tickets can't be saved for the following week's GGG Anime Summon.

*If you can't claim your Tickets, try returning to the title screen and logging in again.

▼ Fighters That Won't Appear

・Fighters not from GGG
・Fighters from the currently-underway Here Come New Fighters and Deck Booster Fighters Summons
・Limited-Time Fighters
・Fight Fest-Exclusive Fighters
・Style Changed Fighters
・Shop-Exclusive Fighters
・Fighters available as Battle Prizes from VS Player or VS CPU battles

*Fighters you already own may also appear in this Summon.

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