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(UPDATED 3/26)Ad Campaign Celebration! Win League Battles and Get Awesome Rewards!

Our new "12 Spaces, Infinite Options" ad is now on air. Watch closely as an intense battle covers the screen!

And to celebrate Fight League's new ad, we're holding an Ad Campaign Celebration throughout all of Periods 44-45!


If you reach the World League during this Promo, you can get exclusive Titles and Costume Changes, and maybe even become an Elite Leaguer!

New and veteran players alike, fight to the top!

▼ Fight League's New Ad! ▼

■ Fight to the Top Promo!(UPDATED 3/20)

T7uCrwpE20190322a_en.pngThroughout Periods 44-45, you'll get special Requests that you can clear to get exclusive Titles, Costumes, and also Fight Money! Plus, these Periods' Rank Up Rewards are getting a HUGE boost! Rank up during these Periods and you'll get lots of Fight Money!

Clear each Period's special Request and you can get exclusive Costumes based on your final Rank! Get Costumes for 18th Ave Kid Yaji in Period 44, and some for Torque Twister G-Wrench in Period 45!

*To see what Rank Up Rewards you'll get next, tap League Play on the VS Player screen, then tap Your Rank on the upper right corner of the Confirm Deck screen.

▼ Event Duration & Rewards

League Period 44 Duration (JST)
3/15 12:00 - 3/31 11:59
*24-Hour Time


Fight to the Top Promo
Battle in the World League!

20 Fight Money

First Title: World-Class
Second Title: Strategist

Final RankingRewards
World League Costume: Super Genius Yaji
Gold League Costume: Genius Yaji

League Period 45 Duration (JST)

(UPDATED 3/20)

The starting time of Period 45's Requests has been adjusted.

3/31 12:00 13:00 - 4/15 11:59

*24-Hour Time


Fight to the Top Promo
Battle in the World League!

20 Fight Money

First Title: The Infinite
Second Title: Mastermind

Final RankingRewards
World League Costume: Super G(enius)-Wrench
Gold League Costume: G(enius)-Wrench

*If you reach World League for a Period, you will receive the rewards for Gold Ranks A-D alongside the rewards for reaching World League.
*At the end of a Period, you will receive rewards based on the highest Rank you've reached that Period.
*If you reach the Rank required for a reward in Tag, both members of the Tag will receive the reward.
*Costume rewards will be sent to your in-game Gift Box.

Become an Elite Leaguer! Promo(UPDATED 3/26)

Xu7wYTeW20190313_3d_en.pngReach the World League during Periods 44 and 45 for a chance to battle as an Elite Leaguer!

Leaguers who rank in the top 10 of these Periods will be guaranteed to become Elite Leaguers! Alongside them, 100 teams and players in the World League will be randomly selected to become Elite Leaguers!

We have a special announcement coming for past Elite Leaguers!

And starting Period 44, the prizes for defeating Elite Leaguers and Official Leaguers are getting even better!

▼ Elite Leaguer Duration (JST)(UPDATED 3/26)

Period 44's Elite Leaguers
2019/4/5, after results have been finalized - 5/30 11:59

Period 45's Elite Leaguers
2019/4/19, after results have been finalized - 5/30 11:59

Official Leaguer & Elite Leaguer Takedown Prizes
・2 Fight Money
・1 Summon-Only US Sensebean
・4 Summon-Only S Sensebeans
4 Summon-Only A Sensebeans
・3 S Class Sumon Tickets

*We will notify users who have been selected to become Elite Leaguers with an in-game confirmation message. Only users who have given their consent via this message may become Elite Leaguers. Please keep in mind that the confirmation mail may take some time to arrive.
*If a Tag is selected to become Elite Leaguers, both members of that Tag can become Elite Leaguers.

*Users who have become Elite Leaguers cannot change their name or icon for the duration that they are Elite Leaguers.
*If an Elite Leaguer's behavior, name, or icon is deemed inappropriate, their status as an Elite Leaguer may be removed without warning.

*Official Leaguer Takedown Prizes and Elite Leaguer Takedown Prizes are subject to change each Period.

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