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Issue with Summon Info

Thanks again for playing Fight League.

There was an issue where incorrect 10-Summon bonus information was displayed after tapping "More Info" for Period 44's Here Come New Fighters: Forbidden Wings Summon which began on 3/15 12:00 (JST), as well as for each Brand Series Summon.

Read below for more details.

▼ Issue Duration (JST)
3/15 12:00 - 3/22 18:25

▼ Issue Details
Incorrect amounts of Summon-only US, S, and A Sensebean bonuses for 10-Summons were displayed in the "More Info" screen for the following Summons.

Affected Summons
・Here Come New Fighters: Forbidden Wings Summon

Brand Series Summon (18th Avenue)

Brand Series Summon (GGG)

Brand Series Summon (Athlete Creatures)

・Brand Series Summon (Justice Professionals)

・Brand Series Summon (TOYS of the DEAD)

To make up for this issue, we will be sending in-game items to players.

▼ Compensation
To Users Who Pulled a 10-Summon from Any of the Summons Above During the Issue Duration:
Users who pulled a 10-Summon from any of the Summons above during the issue duration will receive a full refund of the Fight Money used on those summons.

To All Users:
All users will receive 10 Fight Money as compensation.

*Compensatory Fight Money is scheduled to be sent out by early April (JST).

We'll continue to improve Fight League to create an even better experience for everyone.

We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this issue may have caused.

See you back in the arena!

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