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(UPDATED 4/1) New Brand Series Summon-Exclusive US Class Fighter Is Here!


We've confirmed and fixed an issue in the article.

Raised Rate Duration (JST)

3/31 12:00 - 4/15 11:59
*24-Hour Time

New Exclusive US-Class Fighter
Leona, Legend on Ice (US Class)

*Fighters you already own may also appear in this Summon.
*Please note that the abilities of all Fighters appearing in Fight League may be subject to change based on gameplay data.

Fighters That Won't Appear

・Fighters from other Brands
・Fighters from the currently-underway Here Come New Fighters and Deck Booster Fighters Summons
・Limited-Time Fighters
・Fight Fest-Exclusive Fighters
・Shop-Exclusive Fighters
・Style Changed Fighters

・Fighters available as Battle Prizes from VS Player or VS CPU battles

*To view the drop rates in-game for the Brand Series Summons, go to the Summon you want to check and tap the More Info button.

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