Version 3.1 Update Info!

u5DYzn6V20190423_3a_en.pngGet ready for the Version 3.1 update!

Check out all the latest info below!

▼ Update Maintenance Time (JST)

4/25 12:00 - around 17:00

*24-Hour Time

More Rewards for Partner Battles
Give Partners Nicknames
Brand Level Cap Increased
Change Where You're Pointing
Invite Friends More Easily
Rapid-Fire CoroPoints When Cheering
Certain Requests and Tag Rewards Will No Longer Be Available

More Rewards for Partner Battles

When you win a Partner Battle, you can get 100 Rank Points up to 3 times a day. With the update, we'll be boosting this reward so you'll get 2 Fight Money as well!

▼ Rewards

WinLoss or Draw
2 Fight Money

100 Rank Points
20 Rank Points

*Limited to 3 times per day. Limits reset daily at 4:00 (JST) (24-Hour Time).

*If in a Tag, each player may get rewards up to their respective daily limits.

*You may also get Rank Points while playing against your Partners in VS The World battles.

*These Rank Points are not available in League or Rival battles.

[Get Rewards for Spectating Partner Battles, Too!]

With the update, when your Partner wins a Partner Battle you're spectating, you'll be able to get rewards up to 10 times a day! The Partner you spectated will also get 2 Fight Summon Tickets.

▼ Rewards (Spectator Only)

・Fight Summon Tickets

・S Class Summon Tickets

・US Class Summon Tickets

・Summon-Only A Sensebeans

・Summon-Only S Sensebeans

・Summon-Only US Sensebeans

*Limited to 10 times per day. Limits reset daily at 4:00 (JST) (24-Hour Time).

*The quantity and type of reward you receive is determined by the number of Cheers given.

*If you quit spectating a battle before it ends, you cannot receive a reward.

Give Partners Nicknames

You can set nicknames for your Partners that display in place of their usernames, making it easy to find your Partners even when they change their username!

To set a Partner's nickname, go to their Player Info window via the Partner List.


*Only you will be able to see nicknames you've set.

*Partners' names will be displayed as the nickname you've set except in the Player Name text box on the Player Info window.

*To reset a nickname, leave the Nickname text box on the Player Info window blank.

Brand Level Cap Increased

With the Version 3.1 update, each Brand will have its maximum Brand Level raised to 44.

▼ Rewards


(Brand Points Required)

41 (16,400) +1 Deck Slot
42 (17,600) +1 Partner Slot
43 (18,800) 5 US Class Summon Tickets
44 (20,000) +1 Deck Slot

Change Where You're Pointing

Pointed on the wrong Space? Just tap another Space on the Field to highlight a new spot!

You can also tap on the same Space again to stop Pointing to it.

Invite Friends More Easily

The Invite Friends button will always be displayed on the upper section of the Home screen, even when Partners and Rivals are online. Certain display elements in the Invite Friends window have also been adjusted.


Rapid-Fire CoroPoints When Cheering

When giving Nices! on the Timeline Feed or Cheering while Spectating a battle, you can hold down the button to keep sending CoroPoints!

Certain Requests and Tag Rewards Will No Longer Be Available

Blink Requests (which appear every day between 12:00 - 15:00 (JST)) and Daily Tag Rewards (which you can get from Tagging up with a Partner) will no longer be available after the Version 3.1 update.

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