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Fight League's English Version is Closing

Dear Leaguers,

After almost two years of fighting together in the arena, it saddens us to say that the English version of Fight League will be coming to a close this year at 6/6 11:59 (JST) (24-Hour Time).

The decision was a painful one to make, but despite our best efforts, the English version just hasn't seen the success we'd hoped for. We're sorry to have to say goodbye.

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank you and all our amazing players for the love and support you've shown us. Though the app may close, we will never stop fighting; and in our hearts, YOU will always be the best.

It's been an honor fighting alongside all of you. Keep aiming for the top, Leaguers.

The Fight League Team

■ Timeline Until End of Service (JST) (24-Hour Time)

▼ Sale of Fight Money Ends
After maintenance on 5/7 12:00

▼ Fight League App Distribution Ends
5/14 12:00

▼ Non-Japanese Language Versions of Service End

6/6 11:59
*You can continue playing until this time.

▼ Inquiry Support Ends
6/20 11:59

*After Fight Money sales end, you can still spend the Fight Money you already hold.
*After Fight Money sales end, you can still continue playing until the service ends.

[Moving to the Japanese Version]

It's possible to carry over your current account to a device running the Japanese Version of the Fight League app by linking the two via an XFLAG ID. Keep in mind, however, that any paid Fight Money you currently hold will not be brought over.

It's also important to note that after transferring your account to the Japanese version, the app and its support will only be available in Japanese after the international-language services end on 6/6 (JST).

There are no other ways to carry over your account to the Japanese version of the app apart from backing up to an XFLAG ID.

*For more info on backing up and carrying over data, check here.

■ Paid Fight Money Can't Be Refunded

We won't be able to refund any unused Fight Money you may have purchased.

■ Inquiries

If you have any questions concerning the items above, please let us know via the Contact Us form on the official website.

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