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Fight Fest is Coming!


For 24 hours at a time, drop rates for select Fighters will be increased!

▼ Fight Fest Duration (JST)
2019/5/28 12:00 - 6/2 11:59
*24-Hour Time

Raised-Rate Fighters
18th Ave Matron Mutsuki

Triplex D

Goalkiller Orcus

Glam Prix Mercedes

The Claw Crone

Archmage Harmonia

Xiaolong, Shaolin Defender

・US and S Class Fighters

[Extra High Drop Rates for Featured Exclusive Fighters]

◇◆ 2019/5/28 12:00 - 5/29 11:59 (JST) ◆◇


◇◆ 2019/5/29 12:00 - 5/30 11:59 (JST) ◆◇


◇◆ 2019/5/30 12:00 - 5/31 11:59 (JST) ◆◇


◇◆ 2019/5/31 12:00 - 6/1 11:59 (JST) ◆◇


◇◆ 2019/6/1 12:00 - 6/2 11:59 (JST) ◆◇


▼ Fighters That Won't Appear
・Limited-Time Fighters
・Shop-Exclusive Fighters
・Style Changed Fighters
・Fighters available as Battle Prizes from VS Player or VS CPU


・The below Fighters are also not included:

 ・Torino Catari
 ・Shannon Nikola
 ・Leona, Legend on Ice
 ・Fire Breaker Ko
 ・Yuina Onikawa
 ・Genki Demonborne
 ・Living Hazard Uzume
 ・Kaguya, Keeper of Song
 ・Virus Commander PH-1
 ・Petrol Blaster Arachnobot
 ・Pressure Gunner Ivy
 ・Smogcaster Viper
 ・Acidspray Nebula
 ・Mona Chrome
 ・Kara Fixx
 ・Wily Fixx
 ・Swen Sarchfield
 ・Deep Cover Chip

 ・GX-17 Guardian Proto
 ・Slapshot Ivan Penguinov
 ・Slapshot Pipsqueak
 ・Slapshot Simon
 ・Slapshot Goliath
 ・Slapshot Knox
 ・Reinhardt, King of the Ring
 ・Gossipmonger T. Lloyd
 ・Belle, Attendant No.13
 ・Spark Junkie TIG
 ・Manic-Curist Nastia
 ・Zillionaire Tommy G.
 ・Blanc Noir the Songsmith
 ・Greatest Teacher Klay
 ・Ghost Captain Globus
 ・Luna Gossamer
 ・Mess Deck Choppy
 ・Soulstring Daevia
 ・The HMS Phantomus
 ・Franky the Monster
 ・Nailgunner Piers
 ・Bisector Snips

*Fighters from Here Come New Fighters or Deck Booster Fighters Summons from Periods 1-46 will also appear.
*To view the drop rates in-game for Fight Fest Summons, go to the Summon you want to check and tap the More Info button.

*Please note that the abilities of all Fighters appearing in Fight League may be subject to change based on gameplay data.

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